Everest in Florida

The Everest Ride in Walt Disney World Orlando is one of the best rides of the park. Specially the moment it goes all the way to the top and returns :D


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Camera ModelCanon EOS 60D
Exposure Time0.002
Focal Length40.0


for more travel photos please
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Wo camera nice good

wow incredible landscape photography is very senpurna with crystal clear water green forest, there is beautiful and colorful limestone mountain, very satisfied that enjoy and likes, success for @ b2travel

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Mass of ice on top of the mountain... nice man.

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actually it is a shame that I was not there yet, in this beautiful place - very nice view

the scenery is so amazing, I do not see in depth that definitely it is very beautiful.

Amazing pic upvote me 😊😊

That looks like a big mountain! Great blog post. Upvoted

good stories

Incredible beauty

Ha. I was just thinking how great it would be if there was a mountain in Florida. It certainly needs one as a place to beat the heat and humidity!

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