You probably "Sunny Man"?
I also like summer all year round, but unfortunately I live where summer and winter are. Of course when the winter is snowy.

Sounds like here. 6 months are freezing. 6 months are hot. Spring and fall here are short.

Наверное у нас тоже так...

I would move to Sedona AZ if I could. My aunt has been out there she said you have to have a lot of money to live there. That's where the wealthy lives. I want to go there because it's a spiritual place. People call it the Sedona vortex.

Sedona, Arizona, USA. I know this is a beautiful place, and a bit familiar with geography. I know that this state is famous for its national park "Grand Canyon", which is considered one of the natural wonders of the world.

My aunt has been there many times. I envy her.

And you were there?

No, I have never been there. It would be very expensive. My aunt had a good government job to afford these things. I'm proud of her. She worked hard all her life and went to school for her education. She even went to school in her 50's while working. She's one of the first women in my family to be highly educated.