Your Dark Templar is in need of a new steem pylon. Crowdfund it : )

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I have journeyed through the darkness between the most distant stars. I have beheld the births of negative-suns and borne witness to the entropy of entire realities...

Greetings @zeartul here your dark Templar, My steem pylon (Laptop) is begin attacked by zerg... and I am in need of a new one.

Two things I am writing this:

1: To see if I can get recommendations to a specific laptop that you think I should look at.
2: Asking for some SBD drop offs to @zeartul to help assist in obtaining my new pylon(Laptop) Tax deductible by votes : )

Here is what I am thinking.

Razer Blade Pro


GeForce GTX 1080 8 GB GDDR5X
Intel Core i7 7th Gen 7820HK (2.90 GHz)
32 GB Memory 1 TB SSD
17.3" 4K/UHD Touchscreen 3840 x 2160
16.70" x 11.00" x 0.88" 7.80 lbs.
1 x Thunderbolt 3 1 x HDMI 2.0
3 x USB 3.0
VR Ready

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Love your avatar :) @zeartul
Check Razer Blade Pro :
i'ts less then 1BTC 😄

Exactly what I was thinking.

at least 1080 is good for gaming unlike mining :D

for 1080 check predator and dominator of msi

but i like blade-pro better

No laptop is truly "VR ready" to date. Play with it and see, it's jaggy and gets hot! I would suggest that the i9 laptops coming out later might be but for the price you can buy a desktop with more power and hire staff to lug it around. my final answer.

I was thinking of building a i9 Machine or maybe even the new Ryzen.

I am trying to start a company to do VR LAN parties. No current laptop has the specs I want for 6 more VR machines. I have a few criteria for turning a buck, and no laptop truly runs VR. The Asus Zarg or whatever that machine was called was more bang-per-buck but the 1080 laptops perform more like 1060 for VR. It is the architecture and maybe a re-build and overclock might do it, but overclocking a laptop is still not productive by my numbers. I built a VR "console" that runs my vive for less than 1500 bucks. I also included other specs for PC repair and portability. The cm case is badass and worth the money, the 1080 is a great deal, all the ram you can do is my new policy, and the Vive is superior for now.

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A) you totally need a tower for gaming! get a machine that will allow your desktop to virtualize through your laptop
B) I totally started following you because I am an actual Templar, but I might start playing DOTA
C) Lenovo is really inexpensive right now, because they are trying to recover their brand name from the "Big Fish" incident. Bang-per-Buck the thinkpad is a steal!
D) HTC Vive is my "console" consider your machine like a console, but superior because consoles are for children, old people, and other non-tech cowans....

wuaaaa muy buen post @zeartul, me gusta la redacción

Saludos desde Ecuador :)

Gracias amigo, como te va?

muy bien hasta ahora, y creciendo en Steemit

Si tienes algún secreto, dímelo :)

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You looking for just a decent everyday laptop or a gaming laptop?

Laptop with a 1080 :)

Hmm. I'm confused, lol. You'll have to hit me up on Discord so I can make some laptop suggestions.

I plugged my Vive into one and it wasn't "all that" in my experience. Probably the best machine available for it's size though.

good post brother, good information you are a big, greetings. @Joserc.vzla

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4k$? heavly overpriced...

It is very over Priced!