I changed my mind again...

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This time I am not 100% sure but I am pretty sure.

When I got into Bitcoin in April 2013, I was surrounded by people that had no clue about what I was talking about.

If I found another economist to talk about it with they would call Bitcoin a scam, most, even economists have never heard about Bitcoin at that time. I talked with a lot of people, and none of them knew about Bitcoin, and thought I was crazy when talking about it.

I feel the same way now with HEX. http://hexprofits.tech

Today I read this site (or most of it): http://hex.satoshivision.ca/

Which I found on the comment section of this site: https://hackernoon.com/is-hex-is-the-most-notorious-scam-in-the-history-of-cryptocurrencies-r9m53azs

I read some pretty disturbing things about Richard Heart, from the top of my head, he has been threatening a person with killing another person for not cooperating (if this is correct, it seems legit), he has been selling knowledge on how to get rich by spamming people and the address I could read out of that information is in Panama. That was the most important information I got from that site, but there was so much information that you probably would find other offensive stuff. I remember that on one of his many recent streams he wanted his location to be private, he would not tell where he lived (not country or city). What I found today indicate that he live in Panama, which is known for its dark market activity.

So even if authorities located him, they wouldn't and HEX would violate US or Canadian law (not sure where he is from? Is it only me?) Then they wouldn't have much power to prosecute him while living in Panama.

BUT... there is a HUGE BUT here...

I still think HEX could be a genius invention. Am I sure about it? NO,,. I am not 100% sure, but I think the contract is providing what it promise and there is a huge change for long term success.

Think about it. Does it prove that HEX is a scam just because Richard, has done some shady stuff in his past? Definitely NO.

Due to that many people on STEEM with a high stake, still are not awake to HEX, then I think this post will be my last (or at least in a long time) post about hex....

I just wanted to revoke my resent stance that "I said it was a scam because of possible recycling of HEX in the AA lobby", that I want to say now that I am not so sure about that.

All crypto projects provide liquidity for their coin or token on exchanges.

Read this, it actually make sense: https://hackernoon.com/is-hex-is-the-most-notorious-scam-in-the-history-of-cryptocurrencies-r9m53azs

Stay blessed




Go here: http://hexprofits.tech then in the first text click on "go.hex.win", then you click on "Transform" and then you see the AA lobby... where you can transform ETH to HEX...

or you can buy it at https://uniswap.exchange/swap/0x2b591e99afe9f32eaa6214f7b7629768c40eeb39 current price 1 ETH for ~839264 HEX ...

You will need METAMASK a browser add on, regardless, but you might know that already...

I recommend staking for like 300 days or what goes atleast over BigPayDay or longer, then bigger and then longer the more you get on BigPayDay, but you can see the calculation before you stake in the HEX SITE.

Long story short lol

BTW welcome to LASSECASH tribe, I upvoted with 2000 LASSECASH

Thx mate for this detailed comment will check it out :)

Its at your own risk, I dont want to be a super shill... but yes I believe in HEX.

What about the drop in Lassecash price in SE? Can you do something to change this scenario? Thank you.

The market does what the market does, give it time, we didn't even get started yet.

The intentions and potential for cryptocurrencies are completely legit, but somehow they always are rigged in some way to accumulate money into the hands of a few early investors.

True. Its usually the creators and the early investors that benefit most. I guess the solution for this is the competition where project/products take a smaller and smaller part of the total stake.

I tried to do that with LASSECASH, whereas my share plus stake for promotion is 11 million of the total 51 million, whereas 1,5 million is already spend on promotions 8 months in. This is a much better ratio then any of the tribes I have looked at, for-instance look at APPICS they have 1 billion total tokens but only millions in circulation, totally un-serious in my view, and that is how most of the tribes go about it. Let alone most crypto products or projects.

Richard take 50% of the bonuses for the first year, plus what ever he gets from recycling ETH as I understand it. It was enough for me to be cautious of the product.

I have much less LASSECASH then Steemit Inc has STEEM %-wise, let alone much less LASSECASH for me then in most if not all cryptos and my share gets smaller and smaller over time, as I spend on promotions.