Dealing with CHANGE

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Change can be defined as a state of becoming something different or to make something into a different thing.

The word 'change' is stereotypical depending on the context used. For this post, we will view change as the state of becoming something different or making something different.

Change is an inevitable factor in all facuet of our lives. Sometimes, it could be scary or beautiful, eitherways it will always result in a promising future. We must be ready to let go of alot of things in order to experience growth. The process of letting these hinderances go is called change. It could be your circle of friends, your profession, your environment or work of thinking, basically anything that hinders your growth.


If you desire growth, then you must be willing to embrace change. The whole process of adjusting and settling in could be so overwhelming but with time, you will appreciate the change.

Change itself is inevitable, it will come and unfortunately you can't fight it. Its a fight you will never win. It is a process that we have to ease in or deal with, so stop the struggle.

Facts about change

  1. Change can be Scary
  2. Change propels growth
  3. Change brings beautiful opportunities

Change is beautiful but we must ensure willing to embrace it if we must grow. Change starts from within, this will inspire the external change. I guess that why this quote states-

Be the change you desire to see in the world-Ghandhi


There's no fun if you don't grow, growth is essential and this is where change sets in. Embrace change today. Let go of every negative person and thoughts that hinders you from progressing.

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