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Welcome to Populist Culture | "Last Message to the West" Edition

In all times past, when a community, country or nation state faced an intrusion or disturbance which threatened their peaceful existence or the future of their offspring, our European ancestors would dutifully sound the alarm and do whatever was necessary to repel the invaders and protect their village, land and folk. This role faded over centuries, as families and communities with similar values grew and merged, forming into cohesive nations with defined borders, language and culture – and large armies to protect them.

In the last generation a long-suppressed primal instinct has reemerged, burning through the haze obscuring the carcass of smoking Western ruins with the magnified intensity of a hundred suns, projected through the harsh gaze of forsaken deities. This instinct has compelled the most capable descendants of the European warrior-class into reacting and raising the alarm to the existential threat facing Western-Kind. Unlike in the times of their ancestors, it was no longer possible to simply meet the enemy at the gates – because the enemy was now inside the gates.

A long silence followed. No forces rallied. No armies marched, in support of the virtuous men who had finally stepped forward to warn of the impending dangers their European folk would face in the coming years. For their efforts, they were themselves cast out, castigated or even jailed, even while the barbarians predictably raged inside the city walls of Europe's most prosperous nations, murdering, butchering and raping European women, girls and even little boys.

Recipe for the Theft of a Nation
Even after these horrible truths were consistently revealed by independent media, public officials – aided by the ever-complicit mass-media – downplayed, obscured or denied critically important statistics, which proved fatal and life-shattering in so many cases.

The nation-killing formula – unnaturally suppressed birthrates and continuous "population replacement" with non-European "refugees," who were most always culturally-incompatible with their host nation – was perhaps the most incriminating evidence of all. It's implementation, only in European countries, was more proof the harm to European populations was intentional. Yet, despite this known fact, it not only continues, but is due to accelerate beyond anyone's wildest imagination. Does anyone comprehend the ramifications of the GCM?

Today, the "narrative" portrays these European “alarmists” as racists, bigots, homophobes and unstable toxic patriarchs. But, an increasingly informed populace knows these patriots represent the last chance to save the West. Let thy hearts be warmed that the vindicated men of the past generation have ascended to the status of modern-day heroes. Their pleas for help have not gone unnoticed, after all.

Many have been listening, and the next generation has, at long last, answered the call. They are the nationalists, populists, family men and women who love their culture and people enough to believe they are worth saving. And European nations? Those belong to the Europeans. They are OUR HERITAGE, and no one shall take them.

These patriots have a message to the West

And you would be well advised to listen


Come Home

by Mimir's Brunnr #NCCC | Published 23 Oct 2019


The Last Video

by Phoenix Fire #NCCC | Published 23 Oct 2019

The Future of the Great Southern Gnomeland

by Shockadelic #NCCC | Published 21 Oct 2019


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Hi there. I know of a youtube channel that you might be interested in. It's called "Luke Ford : Stay in your lane" - and it features my room mate Kevin Michael Grace who has been trying to write about these issues re replacement immigration as punishment for euro-canadians for decades. I think you would find the youtube podcasts/streams that they do quite interesting. Thanks.

Thank you, @somena, for your message and the info. Will check out that chan.

@somena watched a bit of the Youtube content over there. More interested of the decades of written content. Don't remember saying it was "punishment" for Euro-Canadians, but hey, willing to look at it.

Scratch that: Found

"Grace is highly critical of Canadian immigration policy...."

Weird that I've never heard of him, but he worked on the West Coast, in the most based province of all - Alberta. He seems like a good source.

Thanks again.

... unnaturally suppressed birthrates...

"Common methods of doing so [reducing birth rates] include education, contraception and women’s empowerment." There is no conspiracy by my way of thinking, simply more empowered women not wishing to be barefoot and pregnant and the medical means of achieving that.





That's by design. It's not just that thots want easy lives. They've been indoctrinated since birth to not want children. They've been indoctrinated from birth to want to deliver their place to immigrants.

So have you.

How do you feel about that indoctrination? Happy to be one with the herd in their corral? Outraged you've been tricked? I'm agin' it.

What's happening isn't organic, isn't coincidence, and isn't beneficial to your kids. Will you leave them to fend for themselves, or be the wall between them and annihilation?

I know where I stand.

Good points, @valued-customer. TY.

Unfortunately the time has come for some tough truths to be explained. Some people will never see past their own selfish and narrow-minded thots. But, a good majority is already waking up to population replacement, which is actually the legalized racket of human trafficking.

I have all the records showing how the UN took over the business model from the African smugglers. People can research Operation Sophia and FRONTEX to start. Navy ships were actually doing deck transfers for a while, taking "migrants" on board from the NGO smugglers, carrying them into Italy. Their website lists Climate Change as a legitimate reason for migrating halfway around the world. This all ties into the GCM. The West will soon be greeted to MASSIVE waves of activity. Today's interpretation of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

If that is the grand assessment of your observations and education, @novocadian? Giving up the joy of children and families is empowerment? (Technically, women have proven they're capable of achieving both!) Those "empowered" women are absolutly crushing the patriarchy, by working for male-dominated corporate monoliths, spending their days in tiny cubicles and cement jungles.

Have you considered it might be these corporations who are the ones being empowered, and that by choosing sterility, they are a direct cause for the exponential drop in birth rates? Have they possibly considered this provides the excuse for more cheap imported labour that will eventually replace all these working women, whose superior education gave them the notion they were achieving some sort of victory?

But it couldn't be an intentional plan to sow division between men and women, an actual conspiracy to lower birth rates. Nah. You're right.

Giving up the joy of children and families is empowerment? (

A woman can still have a child yet with one child per household the population would still be on a decline and with two it would remain static.

Those "empowered" women are absolutly crushing the patriarchy, by working for male-dominated corporate monoliths, spending their days in tiny cubicles and cement jungles.

My empowered daughter works from home as a self employed 3D Artist. Not sure about the choices the women in your life have made.

The population bomb turns out to be a dud.

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