Lattice is the first ecosystem build on the Constellation Network.

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Blockchain technology has in the last one decade became a decentralized project laced with successive changes and development in it's areas of system digitization, system processing and decentralized finance, we have seen an entire industry steadily growing with successive developments in crypto-assets, smart contracts, derivatives, complex and financial products.

Some of the ingredient driving the decentralized platform are ERC-20 wallets, swapping contracts & metamask. The pace of growth in new open source blockchain ecosystem is unprecedented, in just a few months of DeFi launching, we have captured $10B marketcap, unfortunately their optimal performance is limited due to challenges of speed, interroperyability, order matching algorithms, availability of liquidity constitutes the major bottleneck affecting the blockchain financial markets. Within the last ten (10) years we have seen alot of growing ecosystem and user centric application become very important due to their location transaction cost, fast and secured swaps/cross chain inter etc.



With the increase level of global acceptibilty and increased awareness of cryptocurrencies am sure you will agree with me that decentralized finance requires interroperability, the need for better liquidity pools, smarter rooting for trades and accessibility to multiple automated marketing ought to be at the front burner because they will to a large extent determine the profitability rate for users.
Most DeFi application currently face the changes of base layer protocols which leads to scaling limitations, expensive and slow-paced transaction process. There is also an urgent need to seamlessly aggregate liquidity pools so that more capitals will be collated together and basis for fractionalization of liquidity will be eliminated, remove the above name limitations will ensure a better trading experience for not just individuals but also institutional investors.


The constellation network, hypergraph can best be described as a ground breaking infrastructure protocol that designed based on database (acyclic graph(DAG)). It relies solely of the principle of dynamic partitioning to execute an efficient data distribution process accross networks, it uses features like mathematical proofs and concurrent consensus to organize network, the hypergraph & HGTP facilitates fast, scalable, high-throughput transactions with different blockchain networks, data management systems and cloud infrastructures.
The combination of constellation service with lattice exchange as a unique DeFi solution is certainly going be great one.

Lattice Exchange platform offers irresistible
advantages like:
(1) An AMM based liquidity pool that gives lenders the opportunity to earn transaction fees on their deposit.
(2) The lattice exchange platform is a pluggable institutional grade order matching algorithms with asset specific features.

(3) Has a purpose built governance token called "lattice (LTX)" which give holders different rights/privelledges.

(4) Bridging of trade accross different platform using smart routing algorithm for execution of the trade.


The lattice exchange is powered by constellation hypergraph transfer protocol, it comes with tool set for effective crypto assets trading and it's network, the incorporation of constellation into DeFi solves the erstwhile limitations of ethereum because constellation and lattice exchange will create transaction with high speed, cost effective, Maximum security, network optimization, powerful architecture, consensus mechanism, US validation, true and complete decentralization etc.

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