The Smart But Lazy Man (6)

in #laziness4 years ago

Dene bowed before the king. "Thank you my king. I am humbled by this gestures and i assure you that i wilk serve you as a wise man and bring solution to the problems of Agbori," he said. And that was how Dene became a cheif in the king's council.

However, Dene remained a lazy man. He had no farm and had always depended on his wittiness to hoodwink the people and now that he was a chief, he was entitled to an allowance from the palace.

That was simething he had wanted and nkw that he had it, he became much lazier.

That year, the rain was giid and consequently, the kingdom experienced bountiful harvest. There was so much food and the peoole were happy. Dene who completely lost out because he had no farm to have enjoyed the harvest, began to visit neighbours and asked them if they had any problem


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