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I’ve found this article really useful, for I’ve been wondering what should become of communities on Steemit when motivation has been low for considerable time. What happens when you have the abilities to lead a community but no money to “motivate” them properly? Certainly, community leaders need to have vision and flexibility.
Team work is co-work; as a teacher myself, I’ve experienced both success and failure in the role of leader, and I’ve also seen many others succeed and fail, too. In my particular case, I’ve only seen progress when near to every member of the team is constantly growing and learning so as to detect, evaluate and solve/propose solutions to problems. No matter what sort of a leader you are, you cannot co-work with incompetent people. A true leader, I think, helps subordinates find their strengths and put them at the service of the goals of the team.
A true leader watches and listens because every member in the team is a valuable asset and has something to offer.

Thanks, @luces


You are right friend, there are many situations that can face a community, company or educational institution or simply any type of organization, can cause ups and downs, both the manager or leader and the staff that is part, should have equal responsibility to resolve certain situations. The leader in any case has the duty to guide, motivate teamwork, perform actions and evaluate, must have the power to influence their group, create a vision of progress, and create contingency plans and not only guide them but also train them for any situation in which they can not solve without their help. Thank you for your comment.