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In particular, I believe in the humility of leaders, courtesy to others always works. It is the same with listening, with knowing the limits and strengths of the group and of oneself. A leader works by example, by permanent communication, channeling his own passion and disappointment and the disappointment of others. Many people confuse leader with boss, so when they see themselves in front of a team they believe they can push them to do the work. Nothing could be further from the truth! A boss can be considered at some point as an enemy, instead the leader will always be seen as an ally. As a teacher, I believe in the innate conditions of a leader, what we do in schools, society, workshops is to empower, develop and exploit those conditions of each one. As Peter Daisyme says, "I start every day telling myself that I am a positive influence on this world. Thank you for sharing such excellent work, @lights and welcome to the team of @adsactly writers. Greetings


Thank you very much for the welcome, proud to be part of this team. Excellent analysis of the publication.