5 keys to becoming an effective leader

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#1 Lead by example. Set the tone and behavior of your environment. If you have a horrible attitude you employees/teammate’s will feed off those feelings. If you present yourself as upbeat and happy your employees will feed off those positive feelings.

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#2 Grow your team. With this I am not referring to increasing the number of people in your team. I am referring to growing their skill base as much as possible. Take every chance you get to improve or teach your subordinates.

#3 Great relationships. Get to know your people. If you know who you are leading you will be able to adjust your style and perspective to theirs. Create relationships of trust between your employees. Know who you can and cannot speak/act with in certain circumstances. Make sure you do not insult or offend them as resentment will grow.

#4 Understand what the goal is. If you know what your goal is as a leader you can guide your personal/team to that goal. Having a firm understanding of how to get to that profit margin or score that goal. Whatever it may be make sure that you as a leader have the plan or tools to implement that plan.

#5 Communicate smartly. Often leaders will over communicate or under communicate at alarming rates. Find that perfect balance of how and what you communicate with you team. Having an open door policy is great however, you do not want someone who is uncomfortable walking into your office perceiving favoritism over another employee.

Once again follow the Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have them do to you. And perception can motivate or destroy your role as a leader.

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