Steemit Live English Classes coming soon!

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Hi I am Dflo, and I can help you take your English skills to the next level. I will be offering a new service right here on Steemit using DLive! Come to my DLive shows to ask me questions, practice talking to me, or to meet me so that you can set up time to talk to me over Skype or other video chat.


For Steemians, By a Steemian!

I coach people from all over the world, using video chat. Many of these people work for American based companies and want help improving their skills, so that they can improve their careers. I also coach people on other communication skills such as conflict management, personal development, setting goals, creating strong project teams, developing large projects, and more. I think it would be very fun to help Steemians , too!

I want to help International Steemians

  • improve grammar on posts
  • build relationships across the platform so that you can grow your account
  • get better at chatting with people in chat rooms
  • understand American etiquette in chat, conversation, and posts
  • improve your professional life, too!

This is perfect for those who already speak some English. I can help you with

  • using Discord
  • making great Steemit comments
  • making friends with English speakers
  • cultural information
  • slang
  • idioms
  • casual conversation
  • grammar
  • small talk
  • pronunciation

How does it work?

  1. If you use Gina, add me to your follow list. Then you will get notifications when I am planning to go Live

  2. I will use DLive to have real conversations with willing volunteers! I will correct your grammar, give you tips on pronunciation, and answer questions in chat about things like cultural norms, idioms, slang, and so on. I will also choose a theme to teach you about that week, and I will try to use real examples from Steemit and Discord whenever I can, to help you reach your goals here on Steemit!

  3. Join my Discord. This is still under development. Joining it will be another way to find out what I am up to. I will also host voice chat , too! You can also ask questions there, and set up your own personal video chat appointments with me.

Special thank you to my friend @ayushthedreamer for helping me develop this idea!

We will be learning as we go along! Please feel welcome to give me ideas and feedback in the comments below, or in the Discord!

Native English speakers can come join the fun, too!

What a chance to create stronger international friendships right here on Steemit! I strongly encourage my native English speaking friends to come hang out during the live sessions too! There, you can help explain idioms and cultural norms, especially if you are from the UK or AUS or NZ! The more friends we make, the stronger this platform is... so I say lets help each other , no matter where we are!

Thank you!!


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This is really wonderful @dflo... Very good idea that'll improve the lives of others

It will make me so humbled and happy if it does. <3

It's a great idea, I wish you success for this wonderful project ، good luck my dear friend @dflo 👍👍😃 , all the best for you 😃

Thank you Samer, your friendship and support means a lot to me!

Wellcome for you my dear lady @dflo 😃

Hey @dflo you are doing something really nice, its going to benefit mostly people from non english speaking countries and help ease communication stress on steemit helping them communicate better here and in the real world.

Yes! That is why I want to do it! It will be fun, and it can help people with their lives too!

This is great. I'm really happy that you are pushing forward with teaching English using Steemit. I'll try to get involved and help.

Thank you! If you can help spread the word that would be wonderful!

This is Fantastic @dflo !!! Truly is a much needed service in general for making the world smaller, a great capitalistic venture, and also a way to connect with more Steemians on a very personal level..

Id love to discuss with you further to see if I am able to become involved in the project and/or also just learn about how you out it all together..

Let me know

Yes of course. Reach out to me in DM on Discord?

@dflo - sounds good hun. You have the same @name? I think mine is the same on Discord - I haven't used it in forever :( now I have a reason to tho :)

welcome back :D (pre-empts)

Live lessons, that's great. So many multilingual people on Steemit, I'm impressed by everyone who learns English language as their second language.

Very nice post that I think will be very helpful to the Steemit community. I will resteem this. Good work!

thank you so much! I am looking forward to doing it!

You are very welcome! :)


I good shirley use sum help with this

sorry, bad joke. Great news! Funny that you appeared to have written this post only hours after I posted on learning Portuguese.

I hadn't heard anything about this but this feels so much like you and so extremely helpful for many people. I also think it can be loads of fun and a way to really add value to and get connected to this platform. Just make sure you don't integrate into the blockchain ;>)

Wow! Just wow!

har har! Thanks Vincent! I think it will be fun.

If you feel that - and felt that while making this decision - I'm sure it will be fun :>)

This is a good thing your doing I'll redeem it for you

Thank you!!

Great idea. I resteemed it to Turkish community.
I really want to improve my English. I'll try to catch your DLive shows.

hey dflo! looking forward for your content! I am willing to learn more about cultural information and more about slangs :-D

I want to learn English.

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