4 stage to learn the Python for a beginner.

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How long will it take to learn the Python for a beginner?

There are 4 stages as follows:

The first stage Python basic and Linux database. This is the entry stage of Python, It also help zero-base students lay a good foundation of the important stage. You need to master Python basic grammar rules and variables, logical control, built-in data structure, file operation, advanced functions, modules, commonly used standard library modules, functions, exception handling, MySQL use, association and other knowledge points.

The second stage is WEB (the whole stack). This part mainly studies Web front-end related technology, you need to master HTML、CSS、JavaScript、jQuery、BootStrap、Web development foundation, VUE、Flask Views、Flask template, database operation, Flask configuration and other knowledge.

The third stage is data analysis and artificial intelligence. This part is mainly to learn crawler related knowledge points, you need to master data capture, data extraction, data storage, crawler concurrency, dynamic web page capture, scrapy framework, distributed crawler, crawler attack and defense, data structure, algorithms and other knowledge.

The fourth stage is final and advanced stage.This is Python advanced knowledge point, you need to learn project development process, deployment, high concurrency, performance tuning, Go language foundation, block chain introduction and so on.

Python will become the most popular programming in 2021.

So let's start to learn it and make our future...


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