learning and changing from the coronavirus

in #learning3 months ago

The epidemic pandemic of coronavirus will still exist for a long time in 2021.So the people have to change their lifestyles to prevent the coronavirus.Now let me introduce you several new lifestyle in 2021.

(1) To wash your hand before you eat instead of eat food without washing your hand.

(2) To wear a mask before you go outside.

(3) More online teaching , Less offline teaching.

(4) To watch movie at home instead of cinema.

(5) To do more exercise at home instead of gym.

(6) To eat food at home instead of restaurant as possible as you can.

(7) More shopping through internet instead of shopping mall.

That is all for now.If you have any other idea,please let me know.

At last, I believe this epidemic pandemic will change the people and the world.

It will make the people suffer but It will make the world better.