What is Mind Mapping?

in #learning5 months ago

Mind mapping is a learning and memorization technique that was created by Tony Buzan. Mind maps can be a very effective learning and thinking tool. Tony call this method the "Swiss Army Knife" for the brain. It can be used to expand your memory and improve your thinking skills. Mind mapping can be used for: memorization, learning, presenting, communicating, organizing, planning, meetings, negotiations, and all types of thinking.

To be successful at Mind Mapping you will need
Your brain
A blank piece of paper of paper, the bigger the better, and turn it to landscape
Lots of colored pencils and pens

You want to start the Mind Map at the center of a blank page with a central image. The central image is what the whole Mind Map is about. Once you have your central image, you then can connect branches to the central images and start branching out the headings. The main branches are memory systems that I mentioned in prior posts. Once you have main branches, then you can connect second and third level branches to give more detail to each branch.

You want to only use one word per branch and be sure to use lots of images. Each main branch will also have one color to help visualize and distinguish between different branches or content. You can check out iMindMap software to learn more about this process. Thanks for stopping by.