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One of the key foundations of a quality life is accommodation. Housing. In a nutshell, landed property and its various aspects like rentals are involved. What this means is that property is one of the most lucrative business on the globe and just like every other lucrative business, entry requirements are made high by the powers that be so that lower class individuals are unable to participate in it's gains. This is one of the disadvantages of a centralized system that ensures that wealth only keeps circulating within the pockets of a privileged few, excluding the greater percentage of people.
This is why blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is embraced by the people because it creates an avenue for decentralization of wealth and power so all can have quality life. Blockchain technology has changed the way businesses and people relate to each other, it has revolutionized several sectors like financial, healthcare, banking, etc.
One area that has not seen much blockchain effect, however, is the housing and property sector and that is where Leasehold project comes in.

What is Leasehold?
Leasehold is a concept designed to bring blockchain to the property development sector. Leasehold creates an avenue for revenue sharing where users can invest easily and get good returns on property rentals and development. On Leasehold, members get paid from revenue generated from short term rental of properties and these payments are made in form of the native cryptocurrency of the platform known as Leasehold deflationary token LSH. LSH token holders stand to gain a lot in the scheme of things because the value of the token keeps appreciating over time because it is tied to physical properties generating revenue.

How To Earn/Obtain Leasehold Tokens
Leasehold tokens can be gotten in several ways, one of which is to participate in one of the rounds of the project's ITO (Initial Token Offering) or alternatively, by participating in the IEO scheduled to hold on different top crypto exchanges.
Another way of earning LSH is through token mining.
Furthermore, LSH can be safely traded on the Leasehold DEX that will be designed. The Leasehold DEX will have maximum security to ensure safety of users tokens and funds and guard against any loss.
A LSH token holder can choose to either trade or hold his tokens. But it's more advisable to hold because sooner than later, the LSH token will be used to book for property rentals which will ensure further increase in the token value.
Properties on the project can be seen directly on the Leasehold website with the attendant links to the partnering sites.

Several notable companies in the property and rental business are in partnership with Leasehold. Some of these partnering companies are Airbnb, NightsBridge, HouseME and booking.com among others. All these companies are trusted and doing well in their various niches, which shows that the Leasehold project is well grounded and ready to deliver on its promise.

Leasehold Team Members
The Leasehold project has notable names when it comes to the team behind it with Reo Elliot as the Chief Executive Officer. Other team members include Michael Tomasik, Jonathan Gros Dubois, Olga Novoselova, Zayne Kruger, Rajmond Berisha and Ruslan Gaifullin. Together, they are working hard to ensure that all the aims and objectives of the Leasehold project is achieved.

The Leasehold project is designed to make it possible for people to actively participate in the property rentals business irrespective of where they are or their social status.

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