Little Update on Bag and other new things :)

in #leatherwork2 years ago

So the bag is finished, as well as one feather and a few buffalo hide journals

Beaded White Deerskin Shoulder Cross Body bag 1c.jpg

Seed Beaded Palm Turkey Feather, with red Bighorn Sheepskin

Palm Turkey Gourd Stitch black sunset Smudge Feather 1b.jpg

And some new journals

Beaded Brown Buffalo Leather Wrap Journal 1a.jpg

Brown Buffalo Leather Wrap Journal 1d.jpg

Brown Buffalo Leather Wrap Journal 2d.jpg

Fun times :)


They are beautiful.

Will you be selling for STEEM or SBD ?

Thank you Pennsif, I am considering it...I need to watch and look into it more. From my first experience I lost all the value of my items when SBD bottomed out. It seems too volatile for a business. Maybe that has changed, but I need to know more.

Hi @elew, I would suggest, if you haven't already, talking with @sagescrub about his excellent @homesteadercoop ecommerce project.

@elew Homesteaders Co-op now allows vendors to accept USD payments via paypal (in addition to STEEM/SBD). As of this time we don't take any cut.

OMG these are all so beautiful!

OMG these are all so beautiful!

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