A conversation about freedom and RIGHTS and Law VS LEGAL with a close friend I think y'all should read!

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Yesterday at 11:29 PM
so don't blame humanity
blame the fucking government

Yesterday at 11:29 PM
i do

Yesterday at 11:29 PM
ppl are brainwashed

Yesterday at 11:29 PM
thats what i was getting at

Yesterday at 11:29 PM
thats why i don't have respect for the government
they are the issue

Yesterday at 11:29 PM
its corrupt to the bone

Yesterday at 11:29 PM
thats why i never talk to cops
they aren't working for me
i don't trust them
if you take $ from the government
i don't trust u

Yesterday at 11:30 PM
they used to say "To protect and serve" but not anymore

Yesterday at 11:30 PM
no they do
the government
not our constitutional rights

Yesterday at 11:30 PM

Yesterday at 11:30 PM
i have respect for the military
but not cops
let me carry a fucking m16
and i won't need cops
trust me
give me my right to defend
i don't need cops

Yesterday at 11:31 PM
same but i think they are messing with the mil to change some things around as to attack the people

Yesterday at 11:31 PM
that fuck that robbed and assaulted me
would be dead
i'd have done society a favor
i don't need cops
i need my rights
i'd have fucking killed him if i was in a stand your ground state

Yesterday at 11:32 PM
i remember that, that was fucked up on so many levels

Yesterday at 11:32 PM
and ppl like that
are why we are here
this is the issue
they have rights
that we don't
bc they break laws
and violate others rights
and get away with it
bc we can't do shit about it
that is the issue
thats why gangs are so hard to stop
they don't care

Yesterday at 11:33 PM
they dont obey the laws

Yesterday at 11:33 PM
i try to be a law abiding citizen
it pisses me off we have legal bs that makes things illegal
theres a BIG diff between lawful
and legal
lawful is a right
legal is privilege

Yesterday at 11:34 PM

Yesterday at 11:34 PM
when legal trumps law
its a violation of the constitution

Yesterday at 11:34 PM
thats hard to wrap your head around

Yesterday at 11:34 PM
but the state doesn't care
the state still charges u legally
and u loose
for example
owning an m16 is lawful
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
so any gun law
is not a law
its a legal code
it is a statue of the state
in a legal binding contract with your straw man
that you represent as the lawful living person
and therefor are in breach of contract
that you never signed
which the state views as a punishable offense
its not a broken law
lawfully you can possess any weapon
legally you can't
people don't get law vs legal
its how governments trick us
legal is just a code
like speeding
you did not break a law
you had an infraction on a legal statue
if u read the paperwork
it VERY clearly says this
they specifically use the terms
they do not say law
the cop might slip up
and even the judge
but the GOOD lawyers
and ppl who get it
know its all lawful bc u agree to the statutes
and represent your straw man
which is a legal fiction
i showed u all this
good luck proving it in court
but it is the truth
murder is unlawful
u are charged a felony of violating constitutional law
driving with out a license
is an infraction
of a code or ordinance or statute
and because you represent your straw man being charged
you pay the penalty
usually a fine and/or improsnoment and loss of that privilege
but the constitution says VERY clearly
lawful citizens shall not be infringed the right to travel between states
so u technically don't need a license
its bc we all believe it now
we were tricked by big government
i showed u that video of the real man
that dude that fucking shit on the court
they tried to charge him for fishing/hunting w/o a license
and the judge walked out on him
he proved that if u really care enough
u can possibly win
but good luck
judges are corrupt
and your jury of peers are morons
he even used that in his defense
u can no raise a jury of my peers
bc the moment someone registers to vote
they are consenting to represent their straw man
and fiction at law that is a corporation
under us code
he makes it VERY clear
like your name in ALL CAPS
is a corporation
that you represent
you can deregister it
but then u loose all your privileges
lawfully u have the rights still
but good luck convincing a cop or fbi or cia or judge or jury
that u driving w/o a license
bc u are a lawful citizen and not a legal corporation
the avg person thinks that is so crazy
they actually side with the government oppressing us
instead of realizing we are LAWFUL LIVING PEOPLE
not corporate fictions at law
that is why they say "Person"
int he constitution
"Man" not MAN
my Lawful name is Glenn Samuel Crystal
but my legal name is GLENN SAMUEL CRYSTAL
you'll notice banks and government almost always use your legal name
that is a corporation owned by you
you are a legal fiction
its called a straw man
most people just refuse to accept this reality
they are too stupid to get it
so good luck
rights only matter if they are honored
thats why shit sucks
ppl don't get lawful vs legal
law vs code
statute vs law
and the corrupt judges
and corrupt courts
and corrupt politicians know this
thats how the elite get off
but the rest of us land up in prison
bc they know this
u think the clintons dont know this lol
how u think they get away with everything
they know the truth
well connected
and corrupt af
this is why i live my life the way i do
i have no respect or trust for my government
i love AMERICA
but i have no faith in the legal system
bc its just corporate contractual legal bs
i have a drivers license and comply with their stupid statues

Yesterday at 11:47 PM
thats why you are running is to change that

Yesterday at 11:47 PM
and ordinances as much as i can
i want to wake ppl up
to their true rights
that they live in a matrix
of corporate legal fiction
that isn't really them
if nabisco kills someone
are you responsible bc u own the company?
not unless they can prove U were involved
if it happened
the corporate fiction nabisco can be fined
and held responsible
but no one sees prison
how is yourself any diff
look at your birth cert
and then look at your drivers license
u'll see
your lawful declaration of birth
is Jon
not JON
but your license is all caps
as are all legal fictions (corps)
that is how its lawful
you agree to it
when you stand in court and they ask
are you XYZ in reference to this paperwork
you say yes
but you are standing in for the corp
you should say no
but then you look crazy
no i am not the ALL CAPS GLENN CORP
i am the lawful living man
thats what that dude did
u seen that right

Yesterday at 11:50 PM
i remember

Yesterday at 11:50 PM
the living man
he explains it
but good luck
bc they will just try to hold u in contempt
its not easy man
even though we are right
the avg person doesn't get it
and law ultimately is what ppl decide
doesn't matter if u are right
when u are behind bars
no one cares
when a cop asks do you understand
you should invoke your 5th
they are asking if you stand under them
and give them the right to do things to you that are not lawful w/o consent
now u'll look crazy
but u did not consent
u never consent to a search
no i do not understand officer
i refuse to answer questions
i invoke my living lawful constitutional rights
prove a crime
or u have to release me
or provide me with counsel or allow my own
then stfu
most ppl don't think that way
thats the issue
thats why i teach my kid not to trust the police
its all forms of control
police in small areas prob are just good ppl
but they are fucking corrupt
i know cops whod eal drugs
fuck them
they knowingly cover up shit
and violate human rights
i have 0 respect for cops
try teaching this to a society
that calls the cops on eachother
thinking thats what backup/safety is
u know most drug dealers i know
are more stand up than most cops
least they have a code of conduct
they have standards
cops knowingly do shit they know is wrong
but listen to it bc its their job
just like SS officers
legal doesn't mean right
we gotta teach ppl fuck the police
bc they are the enforcement arm of the legal branch
and thats where it all starts
thats the matrix we live in
my kid knows
after cps fucking with us for years
she learned they aren't our friend
she knows i'd die for her before they would
fuck the police
u can't fix ppl though
their first mindset is
call the police
they are so scared
they are slaves

Yesterday at 11:59 PM
when the cops stop protecting and serving the people is when they became drones for the gov

Yesterday at 11:59 PM
that happened in 1913
over 100 years ago
before that we had a sheriff
and juror of peers
to prosecute
exactly my point
and we all know this on some level
some of us just knowit more
its what i want to fix in the world
i want ppl to wake up to that
and we fix that
i'm sick of being under the crown
i want constitutional rights
and peers who understand it
not NPCs
with legal privileges
in the constitution
if u feel as a juror that the crime is unlawful
u can vote not guilty
even if the evidence suggests they did it
its called juror nullification
thats how shit is supposed to be
thats why their goal is manipulate the masses
bc our laws require mass consent
mob rule
thats why high profile cases are VERY specific on who is on the jury
and why epstien was suicided
if he stood trial
holy shit
imagine what woulda came out
i'm taking on a huge task when i run
i'm gonna be target #1
bc i know what i'm doing
i'm going for their throat and heart
my goal is to take down the crown system implemented on america
and u got morons who back aoc
lol and sanders
this is how difficult they made it
it should be who wants less government
not who wants more

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