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Hello everyone! I am sorry that I did not post a discussion article last week. I forgot to post one. I have now set a phone alarm to make sure I don't forget while I am in college (starting next week). This week, I wanted to discuss legends. Legends are one of my favorite aspects of different cultures, and I am very curious to see which legends you all pick. So,

What is your favorite legend?

Please do your best to describe it with a fair amount of detail, and site a source if you do use one. The legend does not necessarily have to come from your country or culture!

John Henry

One of my favorite American legends has always been the story of John Henry. For those who do not know, during the late 1800s, America was industrializing. One of the most important elements of this industrialization was the development of a transcontinental railroad.

John Henry is said to have been one of the railroad workers. He is supposed to have been extremely strong, and is said to have been able to drive steel better than any other man on the railroad. Legend has it that John Henry's boss procured a steam drill to speed up the process of drilling through a mountain. The drill could supposedly drill faster than any man. John Henry challenged the drill to prove that a good worker could drill faster. John Henry used two 10 pound hammers, and was able to pound the drill faster and farther than the machine could. Henry made it through 15 feet of rock, and the machine made it through 9 feet of rock. Despite his victory, John Henry tragically died from the exhaustion. Here is my source for this information

This story has definitely proven to be a theme in industrialization. It's elements of man vs machine can be seen even today. One example that comes to mind was the huge debate on Steem about whether curation bots are a good way to choose quality content in comparison to actual human curation.

For those who are interested, there is a short Disney animation of the story of John Henry in the movie Disney's American Legends. There is also a choir song which we actually sang at region chorus last year.

Thanks for your contributions!

Discuss away!

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My favorite legend is from my country knowing that many may place the Liberator Simón Bolivar, my favorite is the Engineer Luis Caballero Mejías who was the one who invented in 1954 the industrial procedure to make precooked corn flour possible. Something that without realizing it has simplified in every way our way of feeding ourselves, being the Arepa the typical dish in the Venezuelan breakfast.

In his professional field, he was appointed chief engineer of the Puerto Cabello shipyards, where he would also begin his teaching career teaching, training the young workers under his charge in the techniques of the trade. Later he would be appointed head of the railway in Santa Rosa Quebrada Honda in Caracas and in 1937 he founded in Caracas the Industrial Technical School of Venezuela that later would receive the name of its founder, Luis Caballero Mejías Industrial Technical School (currently the Faculty of Sciences of the Central University from Venezuela). While in the United States, Caballero Mejías applied for a patent in 1941 for a nut breaking machine, which he had developed. The patent was granted the following year.

I think without a doubt I place him above many other greats who contributed something significant to Venezuelans,
I started to think about who would be a legend for me in the international arena but I did not find a person as such.

Here more information about it.

The legend about Lake Seliger

For a very long time, there were two brothers: Seliger and Ilmen. They fell in love with one girl - Volga (river name). But she chose Seliger as the bridegroom. Ilmen, envying his brother's happiness, sent him a curse: "Turn into the lake, and let a hundred humps grow on your back." At night Ilmen had a dream that his brother was lying and could not get up. He regretted the curse, but it was too late. “Since my brother cannot get up, then I will also lie down,” Ilmen decided. So they lie there to this day. Seliger with a hump - many islands, and Ilmen without a hump - without a single island. And the Volga grieved and went to the Caspian Sea.


Hi Friends!
Here is one of the legends of my country Venezuela

Monument to the silbón. Guanare Venezuela

The whistler

El Silbón

El Silbón is a legendary character from Venezuela, especially from Los Llanos, described as a soul in pain. The legend of the Silbón emerged in the mid-19th century.

According to legend, it consists of the ghost of a young man who murdered his father and gutted him for having murdered his wife, saying that she was a "slut" and that he had asked for it. After this event, his grandfather ordered the young man to be tied to a post in the middle of the field, to destroy his back with whips, his wounds were washed with brandy, and to free him along with two hungry and rabid dogs. Before releasing him, his grandfather cursed him and condemned him to carry his father's bones for all eternity.

It has a characteristic hiss that resembles the musical notes do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si, in that same order, raising the pitch to fa and then down to the note yes. It is said that when its whistle is heard very close there is no danger, since the Silbón is far away, but if it is heard from afar it means that it is very close. Hearing its hiss is also said to be a harbinger of death itself. It can be anywhere at any time.

It seems that if the whistle is felt from afar, the only thing that can save the person is the barking of a dog, since it is the only thing that terrifies him, a chili pepper or a whip. The soul usually takes revenge on the womanizing men.


Hi again @cmp2020!

In my previous participation in this discussion, I made reference to a legend from the Llanos of my country. After having read the observation that @remlaps made me cordially, I wanted to share another of my favorite legends and this is from my hometown "La Guaira". I hope it's of your interest.

Doctor Knoche
Little is said about the following legend compared to the previous one I made reference to, however I feel that it is very interesting and it is one that speaks of Dr. Gottfried Knoche, an expatriate of German origin who came to Venezuela and took refuge in my hometown in the early nineteenth century (specifically in the year 1800). After touring several towns, he decided to settle in Galipán, a place where he got a beautiful farm, which was known to everyone as the "Hacienda Buena Vista."

Gradually he was gaining the respect and charm of the locals, primarily because of the unusual work he did. His profession was a taxidermist, but some time later he became an excellent embalmer. In case you do not know, an embalmer is in charge of "preparing" the deceased so that their corpses do not decompose.

This task was carried out only with those people who were outsiders and who were not of the Catholic faith. It is important to note that, in the 19th century, those who were not Christians were not worthy of being buried in a cemetery, as this was contrary to religion.

Likewise, civil legislation was in disagreement with the fact that people from other places and who had not accepted the principles of Christianity were buried in the pantheons.

At present it is little possible to imagine what the residence of that remarkable doctor was like, since what remains literally are just remains. Keep in mind that added to the passage of time, some people have also robbed that place.

Even less is it possible to see some of the mummies that Dr. Knoche left abandoned. However, if you dedicate yourself to asking questions of several of the residents of that place, you will surely hear all kinds of legends about the presence of the mummies or the doctor through the full moon nights.

Undoubtedly, it is a story that makes your hair stand on end, particularly if you are alone in a secluded area of ​​the forest.

I remember learning about El Silbón from @anasuleidy in an earlier discussion post, too. It's interesting now to learn even more about that legend. Thanks for the comment!

Thanks to you for commenting @remlaps, I had no knowledge about the previous discussion, reading now I see that this one has some time. And yes, in Venezuela this is one of the most famous legends among some others that, despite being interesting, its background is not as macabre as that of Silbón

There are so many legends in our society. Some are no more with us but my favorite is Sonu Sood he is living legend.


Maybe some are not now about him. He is an Indian actor. He played the role of hero and villens in movies. in most of the his movies he played villane role but he is real life hero.
In this corona pandemic when political party's are playing politics he comes forward for help of poor and needy workers,who are struggling to go there home.

and also he ask others to come forward and help the people's who are struggling in the pandemic.

He not even helps migrants he helps farmers,students and even in India he also help peoples who are stuck out side of country. he arrange fight for them.

and now when gorveents ignoring students problem he comes for students helps also.


how much I tell about him will be less in compare of what he done for the society.
you can read this blog Five heart-warming initiatives started by actor Sonu Sood - ‘the messiah of migrants’ for more knowledge about what he done till now and what he wants to do for our society.
He is real life Hero and living LEGEND

this is the legend of Kuchisake-onna is very scary and that makes it interesting, it is one of many horror legends of japan.

Legend has it that this woman usually appears with a surgical mask, which is normal for the Japanese who seek to take care of colds or illnesses. Its victims are mainly children and if you find it, it will stop you and ask you if it is beautiful, if you answer no, it will cut off your head with scissors, but if you answer yes, it will remove its mask showing its cut mouth and will return to ask if she is beautiful, if this time you answer no, she will cut you in half, but if you answer yes, she will be happy and cut your mouth from ear to ear, leaving you like her.

It is impossible to run and escape since if you try she will reappear in front of you and will not leave until you answer her question. Such has been the fear of this legend that several schools have their teachers accompany the students to their homes so that they arrive safely.


Moral of the story: If someone asks you if they are beautiful, no matter what you answer, you are screwed.

Yes, HAHAHAHAHA, it doesn't matter which option you choose


Journey to the West which feature the Monkey God or Monkey King escorting a monk to the west to acquire Buddist scriptures. It's said to be a fiction which is sort of "an extended account of the legendary pilgrimage of the Tang dynasty Buddhist monk Xuanzang who travelled to the "Western Regions", that is, Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent, to obtain Buddhist sacred texts (sūtras)" so said wikipedia.

I'll like to say about Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.


He is still called as a king of Maharashtra. He was born on 19 th February 1630 at Shivneri fort. His full name was Shivaji Shahaji Bhosale. Shivaji was devoted to his mother- Jijabai whom they used to called (Aaisaheb). She used to tell him stories of Ramayana , Mahabharata which affects his mind alot n make good effects on him. He was surrounded with Mughol empire, Sultanat of Golkonda , Sultanate of Bijapur and British too still he established his huge Maratha Empire with help of Marathas known as Mavalas.He held his coronation on 6 June 1674 and from then he is also known as Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.
His mavalas support him everytime in building his empire. There are many quotes for them such as for tanaji malusare when he won Sinhagad but died in that war so that time the quote was " GAD ALA PN SINHA GELA".

Tanhji Malurae
One for Jiva Mahal when Shivaji Maharaj entered in Afzalkhan's camp to meet and kill them that time one Mughol try to kill Maharaj from back but Jiva saved him, so for him it is "HOTA JIVA MHANUN VACHLA SHIVA". Baji Prabhu died in the ghodkhind to save Maharaj. From then that khind is called as Pawankhind. Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj got alot of trustworthy Mavlas with the help of all them he was able to build such a huge Maratha Empire and can fight with 4 Empires with whom Maratha Empire was surrounded.
He was really a great legend still when we listen powada's or watch their movies we get goosebumps.

You can find more about Chatrapati Sivaji Maharaj Here

for me WWE wrestler John Cena is my childhood hero and legend for me.
when i was small i use to look him fight and i Do not know much about his real life.
but when i grew up and came to know about how nice and down to earth person John is.
i got inspired by him , he has done more than 650 make a wish come true for sick children ,
suffering from different disease.
i think being famous he is inspirating others in a good context.
i hope he stay fit and healthy always.
so that's it , my legend is John cena.

My favorite legend is Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam He is also known as Missile Man of India.


he also served as the 11th President of India from 2002 to 2007 and he is one of most lovable president of India.
He was very down to earth man and always inspired to the youth. he have a fan following not only in India, all over the world he have his fans.

On 27 July 2015, he left us. he take his last breath while giving lecture in IIM(India Institute of management.)

we miss you sir.
know more about him from A.P.J. Abdul Kalam | Biography & Facts | Britannica

While talking about my favorite Legend i love to talk about Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.
He is also known as लौह पुरुष(Iron Man) of India.


because of him Hyderabad is now part of India.He also served as the first Deputy Prime Minister of India and played a leading and very important role in the country's independence.
The world's tallest statue, was dedicated to him on 31 October 2018 which is approximately 182 metres (597 ft) in height.


You wil get to know more about him from here

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