The Promise of Revolution

in #lenin3 years ago

Above my two computer screens, I have five posters of the a figure I still aspire to...

Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov or commonly known by his non de plume and liteary name Lenin. Had he not passed away in 1924 The USSR (and quite possibly Europe and mayber the world) would have been a different , better place.

these posters aren't even of good materials . Yet they are a daily reminder..of pursuing the open beating heart of our finest of dreams.

To his eternal memory, the leader, who along with his interpretation of Marx enlighten us of the Oppression of the Proletariat.

I have dedicated much of my writings in spirit which have taken in a context of social commentary about the failures and diseases that are openly present in the world.

They're not ready as of yet and i'm not the only one recieving the message....

But these posters persist, inspire and remind me...

of what We could possibly become...

and what still can be achieved.

Shan Iyer

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