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Hi Friends,

As a Coinbase user and crypto investor and have been following the "news" that has been out recently - Coinbase has decided to take an apolitical stance.


To me, all businesses should be focused on their business and not mix politics/race issues/hot button topics with their business - there are so many points to be made to support this stance, but I will just concluded by saying I applaud the company for taking this stance as so many companies want to, but are afraid of the possible fallout from the public when it seems like a common sense thing.

There are some Coinbase employees who do not agree, and believe that the company should be involved in solving society issues and have formal stances on things not related to its business. To those employees, the company is encouraging them to leave by offering a severage package of 4 months pay for qualifying employees, which seems more than generous.

What is your stance on businesses advocating for political causes or societal issues when it is outside of their core mission?

Thanks for coming by today,


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