Sold My Liquid HIVE For LEO

in #leofinance2 months ago

I originally started the power down on HIVE to extract what I could and get it over to other chains but overtime I'm seeing that the tokenomics on LeoFinance seem to be working and with potential projects coming around here soon with airdrops I decided to stick around and see what happens.

In general it is crazy to see how much better something like the HIVE ecosystem is working than Ethereum. The first movers advantage for Bitcoin and Ethereum have been unreal and the tokenomics were a constant miss for both STEEM and HIVE.

Personally what LeoFinance and DTube are doing I feel are getting closer. I do like that DTube is liquid with no power down function. I personally don't think having the power down system provides any price protection and actually keeps investors away.

HEX is sort of suffering from the same thing in some regards. It attracted a lot of eyes but now that all this DeFi stuff is out there on the Binance Smart Chain that you can unstake instantly people don't really want to lock up a lot of money into something that you can't unstake instantly.

We could say the security but people are letting tons of money sit around in software wallets like AtomicWallet and Exodus on their computer and those aren't multisig.

At the end of the day we will see where this whole thing goes.

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