Helicopter Money is Coming!

in #leofinance11 months ago (edited)

Helicopter money is on it's way!

Even Ben Bernanke, the ex **FED** chairman who coined the phrase "helicopter money" would be terrified of what's happening now. Maybe the new chairman doesn't realize that Ben was only joking or that you can't actually print real wealth.

What will be the consequences of this?

An ever increasing amount of QE that can never be paid back has to end eventually, doesn't it? If anyone thinks that this won't end in at least super high inflation, than they're delusional!

Look at Bitcoin Soar!,..After all, this is why bitcoin was created. And here we are witnessing the demise of the dollar before our eyes, happening faster than anyone could have ever imagined. Not even Satoshi can believe it!

Gold continues it's tear from yesterdays big gain, bouncing from 1450 up to 1580 today, incredible! Peter Schiff is dancing on the table top tonight and Mike Maloney is swinging from the chandelier. You have to check out their recent podcasts, it's hilarious.

We are without a doubt living in the most historic time since the Great Depression, and although it could have been any pin that popped the bubble, the corona is the worst Pin imaginable. Make no mistake, this is a financial armageddon and there is absolutely nothing that can stop it.

Please don't wait to prepare, now is the time.