Todays LESSON How to (drive for dumbs)

in #lesson4 years ago

Hey! couch potatos.. yes you! You're reading it right.
Who sitting moms basement do nothing but just fuckin waste 16 hrs a day at watching TV and playing games.
(Jeez get a life)

Well today's topic how the fuck to drive? Yep!

Let me guide you through online driving course (donation are welcome) i know properly you got 100 of quotations like how to hold the steering?
How fast i have to go?
How to fuckin hit and run away with it ??
And who the fuck is this guy asking for donation and drinking 8 am in the morning Douchebag like me teaching how to drive?? Right?.
Let me cut it down for ya.

First and for most important seatbelt nah! Its really irritating to wear them (i got your mind voice) shut the fuck off you umpa lumpa. Seat belts are like condoms you need to protect yourself all the time.. uncomfortable to wear ?? What do mean by that? Yiu know what is real uncomfortable When you break your neck in the accident.

Don't rush drive. i can see few dumb wangers staring off with 60mh, where you going hill Billy? Are audition for fast and furious 10 ? Be smart you red signal at 200 meters .

When you are in the street seems every wanger on the road try to irritate you,
You got look at for those people.
First those slow grandma who can't drive more then 20mh who all ways piss you off.

Next fuckin taxi drivers i don't know they watch fast and furious shit at the morning before they start their job. Cutting people flip the fingers to people who cross the road.

Don't be a pussy and drunk and drive better sleep at your boyfriends house dude!

Horn asshole.. give ways to those rush hour raccoons.

And that's all it is for today now you're certified Driver.. hold on who the fuck moans in the background..

dude! Tittle said how to drive but you haven't teach us any?🤔

What the fuck dude! are you 11 years old?
haven't you ever played asphalt 8, NEED for SPEED??
•GAS pedal,
•Clutch pedal,
•Break pedal.
As simple as that.. jezz! Give me a break.!.

(Warned: this post just for entertainment don't be a little wanger and poniting out my grammar mistakes fuck grammer).




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