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How To Let Go And Surrender To The Universe. Take a two minutes and focus on this message to start your day! Get comfortable, drop your shoulders, take a deep breath, become fully present, close your eyes and listen.

Control. There’s a word we love and hate. Most of us don’t enjoy being controlled but we wish we had more control over our lives. There is a beautiful release in surrendering our control over things. There is a deep inner peace when we relinquish it. So how on earth do we get there?‬

The more you struggle to maintain control of all things in your life the more you will likely suffer. After all control is an illusion. We want to believe that we have everything in order. We want to feel comfort in the fact that we can keep things moving in a direction that serves us. When in reality life is unpredictable and at times completely chaotic.

Truly the only thing you have control of is yourself and the choices that you make. The only space you get to reign over completely is within yourself. Interestingly enough most people don’t realize the amount of control they have within themselves. When they look within they often feel lost and/or confused.

So here’s an interesting concept. When you feel a loss of control within yourself you respond to your world by attempting to control it. When you feel you are lacking or lesser than your attempts to control become more aggressive. When you feel a hint of rejection your desire to control others can be a powerful force.

Plain and simple control makes us feel safe but the truth is the only place you can truly feel safe is within yourself. When you address the things within yourself that feel out of control your desire to control the things around you dissipates. Your need for control is based in fear. So when your fear subsides so does your need for control.

When you want to improve your life you always begin within. That is always the first place to start and often times it’s the only place you need to go. When you change, your world will change around you. When you change how you respond to the world the world will respond to you differently. Ask yourself today why do I feel like I need to control this situation? And see what answers arise for you.

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Only after we accept this moment and surrendering to this moment can we act in harmony with higher purpose - loved this. Upvoted!
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