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Lots of people have given up on themselves or even attempting to commit suicide,because people have pushed a lot of ideas into their heads they are worthless.and so they take drastic measures,but I have come to a realization that no one is is worthless everyone has a reason why they are the way they are,note that if everyone in this world to be smart there will be a lot of competition and the world would not be one is ugly telling people they are ugly ,means we are saying our God is ugly remember he said we are all created in his image and likeness?so there no one is ugly and no one is supposed to refer to another human being as ugly if someone appearance is not appealing all you can do is help him or her come out perfect aftrerall there is nothing makeup,comestics and the the right clothing wouldn’t do when there is the saying goes all fingers are not equal by George Orwell’s,never try to be like anyone I no most time when our neighbors ,friends or even some members of the family are making it and we are not we tend to feel bad or worse of ourselves ,on the contrary never let anyone intimidate you with his or her success or wealth instead try and work hard so as to be better than that person because hard work pays.most people say oh he is too fat or short so I can’t date or marry him,who ever told you skinny and tall people are smart and sexy?fat people can also be sexy too infact we have lots of skinny people who are lazy remember if you are trying your best and the are not satisfied or ok with let them go someone who will appreciate you will come.note that when you are trying to do what others are doing,not only will you also be towing the wrong part,you might end up in a worse situation that you might get stock in. image

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