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25EFA628-1B4D-42BA-8BDC-EBB20975E3F1.jpegHave you ever foundout or ask yourself how the word friends with benefits came about? And is there such words as friends with benefit? Countless time I have heard people say we are friends with benefit,or can we be friends with benefit?and then I think or say to myself why friends with benefit why not remain platonic friends with no sexual relationship.or have a relationship which might involve sexual intimacy,note that when you are not in a relationship with someone you have no business being sexually a matter of fact no one is suppose to have sex until your wedding night or after wedding,have you ever considered why relationships don’t last?it is because you never defined your relationship with each other but was busying holding on to friendship with a benefit and being happy with it.on the other hand the other person wants a relationship with meaning,there is no such word as friends with benefit because friends are not suppose to have sex with each other at all the moment you start having sex with with a close friend that closeness will no longer be there because when there is an issue later on the word friendship will be forgotten and the name enemity will be embraced.

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