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Pineapple are tropical fruit that are rich in vitamins,most expecially vitamin c and A they help boost immune system and aid digestion.despites it’s sweetness it is very low in calories and the apple on the other hand boost the immune system as well,it reduces the risk of developing cancer,hypertension,diabetes and heart diseases.the apple is good for the brain just like the pineapple it also low in calories and a source of vitamin c and B6.nutritional facts of pineapple- calories 82 total fat og 0% cholesterol omg 0% sodium 2mg0% total carbohydrate 15g 5% dietary fiber 2g sugar11g protein 1g vitamin A 2% vitamin c 131% calcium 2% iron 2%. Apples - energy 52k cal protein-0.26 water -85.56g beta- carotene-27 ug vitamin A 3ug vitamin B2 O.026 mg B1 0.017 mg B3 - 0.091 mg B5 - 0.061mg B6 0.041mg B9 -3ug vitamin c - 4.6 mg E - 0.18 mg K - 2.2ug.Health risk - Because pineapple is a great meat tenderizer,eating too much can result to tenderness of the mouth,lips,tongue and should resolve itself within a few hours if it doesn’t, you need to seek the attention of a doctor as you might a pineapple side effect from the apple but However,the eating of the seed should be avoided because it can be harmful. image

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