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Gone are those days when parents force partners or total strangers down our throat,even celebrating marriages on our behalf without our consent.they feel they are making the right choice ,but in actual facts they make this decisions base on their own personal and selfish interest.most time the couples to be don’t know each other,or get to see each other but rather they are compelled to agree with this decisions some might not even love each other this doesn’t bother the parents.although some eventually learn to love their chosen partner as time goes by they make it work as that was the way things were then ,now times and things have changed people have come to terms with with not wanting to be married to the wrong person or someone they have little or no interest in or don’t those days there was nothing like divorce as it was considered ungodly,but now people are well informed and enlightened on the consequences of an arranged or forced marriage and as such try not to get involved in it.parents often force their children into it because of of what they can get,some children are forced to accept most of this decisions because they themselves have a lot astakes or don’t want to be left stranded so they make choices they are not ok with.mind you things have changed ,and people are more enlightened in picking a partner of their choice and not the choice of their parents. image

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