in #lf3 years ago

What do you imagehave against my happiness?what do you have against peace and tranquillity? What do you have against self control and civility? What do you have against feminism ? They drive me crazy so I kick their asses,oh I see you finally admit you are a boxer where is your stability Melissa? Ah oh easy easy,you almost got killed Melissa,no I could have killed that beast of no nation,that woman man that runs his tongue like a woman ,you should stop fighting Melissa,no they should stop getting on my last nerve. People will be people Melissa,people will annoy people,and I could be very good at kicking their asses,life can be very good if you stopped fighting Melissa. Let the wind of coincidence bring me before that nigga,and I swear to God it would be continuation of something worse than a Third World War,and I will make I send him to his maker. What do we expect next Melissa? What show of shame will you put forth this time? What stunt are going to pull this time around?remember father always said,an angry person will get to an early grave.ok ok I promise to change.

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