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1 pray for your future spouse/spouse-as a single lady you are expected to pray for your future partner,even when you don’t have any you pray for one.when you eventually get married the routine doesn’t change only this time you have to pray for your present spouse and not your future spouse. 2 learn to relate with your roommate/learn to relate with your husband- as a single you are expected to tolerate the excesses of your roommate or friends ,you talk to them about things the same thing applies to a married woman you are expected to talk to your husband when things bothers you,you are also expected to love him. 3 marriage does not make life easy so is being single- never enter into a relationship with the hope of solving all your problem ,so is when you are married if your needs are not met while you are single don’t expect it to be met while you are married. 4 you need the church- as a single you are advised to be close to God and be spiritually inclined,when you are married you need it more because marriage is not a bed of roses,you might be faced with a more difficult challenges even more tasking than when you are single. 5 Learn not to depend too much on your boyfriend/husband- as a single lady you told to be independent not dependent meaning you have to work ,this days men go for working class ladies as they are also running from liabilities and extra expenses.on the other hand married women are expected to work ,own a shop or trade reason been in a a case where your husband faces some financial crisis you could assist .6 you are allowed to make friends with each other- this simply means as a single person you are allowed to make friends with married people,as it enables you study them so you could learn some tip from them ,so that you know how to make your own marriage a success.the same way a married woman can be friends with a single lady as she could also give some marriage tips and also learn one or two things from the single woman. image


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