Crazy Days!

in #lfie3 years ago

Copy of LizDarling.jpgWaking up this morning ready to accomplish a multitude of tasks, I found myself curled up next to my husband saying please don't make me. After dropping the kids off at school, cleaning the house, moving beds around, washing linens, prepping for dinner, running errands, and finally doing some homework it was time to pick up the kiddos again. Have you ever had a day where you just felt so stretched like the daily tasks that need done are never going to end. Today I found myself saying how much more do I have to do til I can just sit on the couch?! While waiting for my kids at the school yard I felt myself becoming so overwhelmed I wanted to pull my hair out. Then I see them, my children running to me with arms wide open, a smile on their face, hugging me with all their strength saying I missed you today Mommy while I was gone. The craziness of my day seemed to just fade away and become so minuet in the aspect of it all. Yes, I may want to just quit some days but as soon as I get to see my kids I know the craziness of a mom's life is all worth it.
Copy of LizDarling.jpg

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