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@lgbt-party @anarchyhasnogods @anarchistwisdom:

I don't know whether or not you're trying to be divisive, nor do I particularly care:





Inb4 I'm called names for not just swearing fealty or kissing the ring or whatever ritual you're into right then and there:



Ya, so the timing isn't obvious to most observers,

because your messages aren't showing in our #welcome channel. But you were there, so you know how it went down.

A week ago,

you wrote this gem, and you saw my reply because you referenced it in this comedy gold on another one of your accounts three days ago. Then this one. Today you wrote your communist manifesto (with my comment highlighted).


you've muted and un-muted me more times than I care to count, on multiple accounts. If your goal - as you've stated - is "Incorporation of other groups", you're doing it wrong. If your goal - as evidenced by your introduction on our Discord server and your repeatedly passive-aggressive comments on Steemit - is to debate socio-economic ideologies with me, you're doing it wrong. Pretty much any way you slice it, you're doing it wrong. If, on the other hand, you're trying to be a divisive agent of chaos in Steemit's LGBT+ community, or to install yourself as the ruling class in your ostensibly classless society ... gg. I guess.



I repeat my reply to you from seven days ago:

Being divisive isn't gonna work out the way you seem to think. I've thus far refrained from taking your bait, including on our Discord server, but ... if socialists understood economics, they wouldn't be socialists.

Socialism cannot exist without a strong central government. Therefore, anarcho-socialism is an oxymoron.

"Americans are so enamored with equality that they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom." - Alexis de Tocqueville

Everyone's a socialist until it's time to do socialist stuff. Imagine your local supermarket is like your nearest DMV. Now imagine every business you visit is like that, and you only have one "choice" for any particular product.

Capitalism does not claim to be perfect. It merely claims to provide the greatest opportunity for upward financial mobility. And decades of economic data supports that claim. Socialism, on the other hand, has the blood of 100 million corpses on its hands in the 20th century alone. As long as everyone is equal, it's fine that they're equally waiting in line for hours to buy milk that is expensive and sour. Except Marx figured he would be part of the ruling class, in a classless society, failing to see the contradiction. Would-be tyrants never do. You're fine with socialism as long as it's not applied to you.

You should recognize that starting another LGBT+ group on here is competition, and you're free to do so. In fact, I welcome it. It's healthy for markets and for communities. Good luck with it. Understand that in your utopia, that competition would be stifled by men with guns acting on behalf of a central authority.

I do not claim a right to coerce you to do anything. That is the fundamental philosophy of anarcho-capitalism. What percentage of your income am I entitled to? Oh, zero? Then what percentage of my income are you entitled to? 100%? Sure, that's what I thought. But that's where your fantasy leads - slavery for all. You can claim that the Soviet Union wasn't "real" socialism, except yes it was. You can believe otherwise if you like, but you'll be wrong. The useful idiots claiming to be anarchists but who serve a fascist agenda are no less full of shit, but they are not anarchists.

The issue is choice. You and your community may choose to operate under socialism. You're free to do so, whether or not I think you're short-sighted and self-destructive. You are not free to impose that upon my community which has chosen another path. That's where your ideal dissolves into tyranny, and mine rises to liberty. Because I don't claim the right to affect your choices, even your bad ones, as long as they are not interfering with anyone else's freedom to make their own choices.


Y'all want Denmark,

(which notably isn't a socialist country no matter how much Bernie Sanders tells you otherwise - because he doesn't understand economics either, or if he does then he's a fucking sociopath), but what you'll get is Venezuela.

Either debate me or stop talking about me like you think I'm a Kardashian or something. You know, like a grownup.



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Socialism is not communism... That being said the guy seems to be a douche don't even bother ...

I'm lost. I read through it all twice. I think the one guy is just pissed off because you didn't use an emoji. You should have used a happy face with teeth I think when you were telling him he's a fracking idiot.
Socialism sucks, period. Equality is for losers.