Introducing PRP-LGBT the Curation & Magazine Account for LGBT+ Content

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Hello dear Steemians! Welcome to the @PRP-LGBT Account!

What is "PRP-LGBT"? The mission of this account:

P=Peace R=Respect P=Pride | L=Lesbian G=Gay B=Bisexual T=Transgender

This account is primarily intended to curate and share contributions on all possible LGBT topics. At the moment there are not many LGBT related posts and I want to change that with this account. I want to reward people who deal with this topic and show others that you don't have to hide here on Steemit! Steemit is a wonderful platform and I want to spread even more love!

But since there is not much content to curate yet, I would like to start a kind of magazine, covering news and everything that is relevant to this topic (current political situations, positions of public figures, etc..)

This account's purpose is to give steemians a better platform to be open about this matter and offer them support. This project is for the community from the community! If you want to be part of this movement and are interested in joining the team, you can contact me in the Discord or by leaving a comment!

Posts under the tag #lgbt will be upvoted, provided that they have quality. Quotes should be indicitated as such and sources of literature and images should be named.


Supporting. Educating. Spreading Love.

My plans for this month will be promoting and sharing this account. I want this account to grow and to be a hang out sign for the LGBT-Community! In April I want to publish the first part of the magazine. I have planned 2 Magazines per Month. I would like to talk about LGBT laws in all kinds of countries, about events, about tips, about news and I would also like to promote 1-2 posts from the community. And of course, good contributions will be resteemed. All you have to do is use the lgbt tag!

How YOU can help!

Share this post! Send it to people you know who are dealing with this topic or are interested in that matter. Send it to supporters of the LGBT community! An upvote is also of great help because all taken sbd will be converted to steem and upgraded to SP so that the votes of this account are more valuable. I also created a Curation Trail on Steemauto, which you are welcome to follow. (Just search for prp-lgbt there) If you do this, you automatically upvote the posts that this account upvoted. Another big help are Steempower delegations. Everything that helps the account to gain more Steempower is a huge help!

Discord Server

Join us on the discord server! You can share your LGBT posts there and talk to other users from the LGBT community. Everyone there is helpful and kind, so don't be shy! Just click on the picture on the right and you get an invitation to the server!

Thank You For Your Attention! Spread Love. Peace.

About me: Fellow Steemians know me as @misomaniac but you can also call me Sandro.
The pictures are self-drawn, so they belong to me. (@misomaniac) You are welcome to include them in your posts but you must give credit to this account!(@prp-lgbt) The Page Dividers are from @javehimself so if you want to use them it would be nice if you credit him as well, here you can find his post!


All LGBT+ folks and allies are welcome to join the Steemit LGBT+ Discord via the banner below. Be advised that we have a (straightforward) screening process to protect the members' privacy.

Steemit LGBT+ Discord

This is a fabulous initiative I haven't done it yet but was going to write a post about being gay in eastern europe if you are interested??

Just do it! I'll definitely check it out! :)

This would definitely be an interesting post!

Hey, ich finde deine initiative diesen Account zu starten cool und schick dir gerne eine kleine Delegation da ich selbst zur lgbt community gehöre. LG Liz

Wow, vielen vielen dank, ich weiß das sehr zu schätzen! Und wunder dich bitte nicht dass es aktuell so still um den Account ist, bin gerade mitten im Umzug und hab totalen Stress, versuche nebenbei aber dennoch zu kuratieren. In 1-2 Wochen kann ich wieder richtig durchstarten, liebe grüße! <3

Versteh ich. +Bei mir ist es auch manchmal schwierig am Ball zu bleiben beim ständigen Reisen. Viel Erfolg und gutes Eingewöhnen :)

This is an awesome idea and I cannot wait for this to launch! We do need more respect and peace in the world and it is great that you are focusing on the positive! Glad to see numerous LGBT curations and projects being organised!

I agree! looking forward to this project!

Thank you guys so much! I'm completely with you jeremy :)

This is a wonderful initiatve! Happy to have found you through the Steemit LGBT+ Discord.

You've been featured in the latest Ladies of Steemit Curation: Strength in Community. Keep up the great work!

Thank you so much for the support!

of course we don't have to hide, Steem on in rainbows!

Sehr schön, ich finds toll das du hier bist und ein super Projekt mein Lieber!!!

Willst du vielleicht zweisprachig posten?

Dankeschön! :)

Es wäre schon eine Überlegung Wert...Aber wir 2 sind glaub fast mit die einzigen die das Betrifft oder? Zumindest hab ich in der Deutschen Community noch nicht mehr mitbekommen... Fürs Magazin wärs aber vielleicht ne Überlegung wert!

Ja schon....scheint mir sonst nicht DAS Thema zu sein.

Very happy to resteem this. I think this is great, really looking forward to the magazine-style posting and happy to be an ally however I can. I also LOVE your earth / rainbow graphic, really cool!

Much love - Carl

Thank you so much for the support!
And also thank you for the compliment of the drawing! :)

This is a breakthrough @misomanic in the Steemit blockchain! Let's create a loving community with this advocacy! <3

Very good initiative, glad to see this is happening!

Good initiative! 💙💚💛💜

I am so stoked about this group of fine peeps! When I first started posting here (I am relatively new still), I was a bit flummoxed that there wasn’t an lgbt tag in the top trending tags. I was super happy to hear of the work to change that!

Hey there, I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold, and I love love and love peace.

Hey! Mee too. ;)

Hello, nice idea!! I'm going to post about lgbt. Today I wrote about gender issues, see here. It's in portuguese, I don't know if is interesting for you.
Cheers, Mafalda

Very pro this idea! Thanks so much for starting this initiative, best of luck on this magazine idea, I think it will be a big success!

Thanks for your comment! I hope it will be! :)

Follow, I follow back, let's support each other 😊

Welcome to Steemit @prp-lgbt!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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