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RE: Glaring Problems With Open Borders and Squaring the Libertarian Paradox.

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I agree the problem with open borders lies within welfare. You can't promise the world all the free goodies and think that people in search of free goodies will be productive. A few ways to fix this in the short term is to make legal immigration easier. No one that has skills or education enough should have to wait years to be here legally to work, or become a citizen.

The only borders I really respect are the ones for private property. We don't have AnCapistan just yet, but anything that takes away central authority I would support. This is a great article!


Thanks bud, but I forgot to mention the unemployment rate. It makes no sense to bring in anyone when CA is over 15% and the nation is over %10. We know the bureau of labor statistics headline number (U3) is completely meaningless, not measured the way it used to be and not measured the way it should be. Their U6 is closer to reality but still understated. For real numbers you have to go to Shadow Stats. No matter what the bls releases it is obvious we should not be importing anyone while 50,000,000 Americans are on food stamps... I don't think we have any jobs to give. Even 60 Minutes did a piece on the abuse of the h1b visa program, how Americans were training their cheaper, foreign replacements!
So, this along with learning from the self-destructive mistakes of western Europe means we should not only be practicing smart immigration but very limited immigration at this time....

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