Baby Kira: Already a Target of the State

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She's four months old now and besides the normal inconveniences that all babies represent, Kira's been the bestest baby in the whole wide world. My partner Tanisha and I have been doing a bang-up job, if I do say so myself, and I’m elated to have become the dad that I always wish I’d had. We’ve handled every challenge that’s popped up along the way and it’s been relatively smooth sailing… with one major exception.

I’ve been here in Chile for four years now and during that time, I’ve been patiently working on the establishment of a new community on the coast. I made friends, started a family, and have been jumping through the endless bureaucratic hoops of the immigration system to eventually become a citizen. Now, after all this time, I’m staring down the possibility that I might have to drop everything, take my family, and leave.

kira and me.jpg

As someone who holds individual self-ownership above all else, I’ve run crashing into direct conflict with the state over the matter of mandatory vaccinations. Simply put, they force vaccines on all newborn babies here and our duty as parents has gotten in their way. We’re refusing to comply and we’ve been summoned to court.

Just to be clear, we have no problem with people vaccinating themselves. After all, self-ownership means that you can do whatever you want to your own body. If my daughter decides to get vaccinated someday, that’s her choice to make and I certainly wouldn’t dream of stopping her. In the mean time, she can’t even say “ma-ma” or “da-da” yet, let alone give informed consent. Penetrating someone’s body without their consent is a clear violation of their self-ownership, as is forcibly administering a neurotoxin, so we have to refuse the state’s demands, hence our current predicament.

29695484_2066630930043268_8705495623870662354_n.jpg 29598340_2066630940043267_4571950453612947816_n.jpg

The summons posted on our door last week compels us to appear for an initial interview this Thursday. We found a lawyer here in Valdivia that’s interested in meeting with us so we’re meeting with him today to go over the game plan. We don’t have the money to go and hire the best legal ninjas in the country so we’re really hoping that this guy turns out to be a good fit.

Tanisha and I have already sought advice from numerous other people down here in Chile that have had similar experiences. One such person provided us with a waiver template that we can supposedly complete and file with the court to assert our constitutional right to be left the hell alone. She claimed that it has worked like a charm in the past so we’re going to see what the lawyer thinks of it today. Either way, we’ve been advised that this initial interview at the courthouse on Thursday is meant to feel us out so the court can first determine what sort of people we are before proceeding. In other words, we have to keep our cool, put our best foot forward, and start the game by assuring them that we at least aren’t a couple of deadbeat crackheads.

tan kira.jpg

If things go well and the waiver works as I’ve been told it can, then this might be nothing more than a super annoying bump in the road and we could be back to normal before too long. Not everyone is that optimistic though. When it comes to this subject, the Chilean family courts are like the Gestapo and things have gotten even worse over the past year due to the influx of Haitian immigrants, a few of whom were caught with tuberculosis. If the court proves to be unreasonable and unwilling to leave us alone, we may have no other choice than to leave the country. That would mean forfeiting our residency and killing our prospects for citizenship. It would also complicate my work with Fort Galt and require that I figure out a new place to live and work in the US or Canada. Obviously, we’re really hoping it doesn’t come to that but we’re getting Kira her passports in preparation for it. The absolute worst-case scenario is that they just kidnap us all and that would mean that we make calls to our embassies and start an international incident. I doubt they’d go down that road but hey, I’ve been wrong before.

kira picard.jpg

We’ll know a lot more by the end of the week and I’ll be sure to post updates here as things develop. Even if things don’t go well for us, I can at least document the ordeal and help others to avoid having to go through it themselves. If anything, this has hardened my resolve to develop Fort Galt into a real sanctuary that can effectively insulate us from the over-reaching talons of the state. I’m also now convinced that there’s a vast and underserved local demand for such facilities and services too. It’s not just the gringos that need what we’re building, it’s Chileans too. There’s an entire underground movement here in Chile made up of parents that illegally have their births at home, like we did, as well as parents that homeschool and unschool their kids. They keep quiet and stay under the radar because they fear persecution but when we mention our plans to build a school at Fort Galt, they light up with excitement and assure us that they would absolutely love to be able to gather at such a place. The constitution is on our side so we just need a school, a birthing center, and a savage army of lawyers.

Kira Ben.jpg

The British Empire finally fell when it tried forcing its Indian soldiers to use ammunition coated in animal fat. That was the last straw and the infantry turned against their commanders. I can’t help but wonder what sort of incident it would take to inspire open defiance here in Chile. I hope I can stick around to find out. I know that trailblazing is tough and I hope that this is all just part of the process that will pave the way for the rest of our community. We’re figuring out how best to navigate the system, we’re building our sanctuary, and we’re gathering allies so that the rest of our members won’t have to deal with any of this nonsense. Whether it ends up helping the rest of the country is beside the point. We’re getting the house in order for the rest of our Fort Galt family and if it means taking one for the team, then so be it.

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Very sorry to hear this. The fear of living under a violent state is not easy on the stomach. That said, I have a feeling you guys will be alright, and I stand behind you 100% of course. If things do go down in an unpalatable fashion, I will make as much noise for you guys as I can, and also try to inform all the members of an anarchist support network I’ve been building here over the past months for just such purposes.

I had no idea Chile’s law required vaccination of infants. We’ve felt the social awkwardness and pressure here a bit (we even made the national news because of an issue with a kindergarten) but so far have been alright. Things are devolving quickly, though, when it comes to legal systems and vaccination worldwide, so I don’t pretend everything is great. What’s going on in Chile will likely soon be “policy” everywhere else.

Anyway. Proud of you. If there’s any thing I can do to help please let me know.

Thanks, man. Will keep ya posted!

Your baby girl is so adorable and I applause you for standing up and fighting for the health and future of your baby.
I didn't know that these vaccinations rules were strict like this in Chile which of course I don't agree with it and I really, really hope that everything will work our for you guys so that you don't have to leave the life you build in Chile and that the courts will leave you alone.
Beautiful family and I wish you all the best. As parents it is our job to protect our babies and no one should have the right to tell us different.

Thanks for the support :)

If my daughter decides to get vaccinated someday, that’s her choice to make and I certainly wouldn’t dream of stopping her. In the mean time, she can’t even say “ma-ma” or “da-da” yet, let alone give informed consent. Penetrating someone’s body without their consent is a clear violation of their self-ownership, as is forcibly administering a neurotoxin...


Your baby is adorable! What a little button!! I'm glad you're putting your foot down and not injecting this little one with poisons. I really hope the authorities are reasonable, and that you can just live your life in peace, without any more interference. Best of luck with your lawyer too! :)

Hello, first of all I want to congratulate you for having a lovely little girl, secondly you have my respect for being such a dedicated and dedicated pope, even though you didn't have it, I didn't have a father either and my son is going through the same steps, it's a difficult situation, but with God's help everything will get better, your publication made me reflect and before I go on I want to quote:

Penetrating someone's body without their consent is a clear violation of their property, as is the forced administration of a neurotoxin, so we have to reject the state's demands.

You're so right about this, no one can decide for your daughter but herself, in any case, her parents would be responsible for her and the consequences that could lead to vaccines, I have read little of the vaccines, but they are always recommended, if you can rely on scientific facts to defend yourself, you should only do a little research, I recommend breast milk with the main vaccine, only this food can contain the nutritional requirements necessary for the development of a baby, as well as strengthen their immune system, if your baby consumes breast milk, you could also say that it has a strengthened diet for the whole system, I hope from the bottom of my heart that history will not change for you and you can continue without problems in that country, God bless your family.

Indeed, we had a natural birth and Tanisha has been breastfeeding. Thanks for caring :)

Thank you for "being the change you wish to see in the world"! Kira is lucky to have such amazing parents that are willing to stand up for her rights as a human being. I am proud to be a member of a community with individuals such as you and Tanisha. Know that your efforts ARE making a difference, and therefore the light will prevail. Thank you for sharing your experience. Reestemeed;0)

Get the ingredient lists for the vaccinations (specific brands) they're using just in case. You'll know if you need to leave based on that.

The judge ruled in our favor yesterday so the situation has been resolved. Gonna post a write-up about it soon. Thanks :)

@piedpiper, I feel for you and your families situation and completely oppose the tyranny that is growing on a global scale. I wish you Peace, and strength as you embark on the battle against the force of darkness. I follow in the hope of a win for you and your family.

Thanks for the support, everyone. The state dropped it's case. Update article is here

You have a beautiful adorable daughter. I love the photo of her with Jean Luc Picard. It's hilarious yet cute.

As a parent myself, I wish you all the best and send you my love and prayers. :)

You are a good man, taking care a baby is very responsible work:)
Good luck and I send kisses to your baby:)

Kira is adorable

That would mean forfeiting our residency and killing our prospects for citizenship.

I really do hope this doesnt have to be, it will really disrupt the Forte Galt

The absolute worst-case scenario is that they just kidnap us all and that would mean that we make calls to our embassies and start an international incident. I doubt they’d go down that road but hey, I’ve been wrong before.

Lol cmon stop that dont joke like that, there wouldnt even be a worst case, i just prayed for you, i really hope you guys are safe, Kira is so Adorable, Kira has swept me off my feet. Please take care of you guys, i will be looking forward to hearing from you, either ways all this will be over soon, just keep being strong okay

We're staying optimistic :)

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hello really calls me a lot the tencion your publication I am @carloshernandez my wife is only a month of giving lus to a baby that will take by name roman santhiago esoque you say if I happen to hear out quite worrying I hope that God guides you and that everything comes out well greetings

all is a gamble. here learn stuff:
the article offers a pretty good overview of vaccination globally and go into more depth in regards to certian countries

No amount of benefits change the fact that it's the stabbing and poisoning of someone without their consent. It's my job to protect my daughter from such violations.

vaccines were developed to reduce neonatal and infant death, there are many diseases that attack the immune system of an infant and being immature and not having the correct defenses is that they are used. In underdeveloped countries there are outbreaks of diseases abolished many years ago such as malaria, currently a doctor named Jacinto Convit devised the vaccine against breast cancer. The above mentioned I exposed as a child and professional psychologist in the area, however as you comment is part of each parent to decide what you want for your children and I hope you have the joy of seeing your daughter grow up, it is very beautiful

Our point is that it's her own choice to make for herself, not ours or anyone else's.

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