Tyranny Checklist

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Are you living under tyranny right now? Let's find out, with this simple and informative 4 minute video!

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Originally uploaded to YouTube in January 2011, and heavily censored after initially going viral, there are now 2 free and censorship-resistant platforms to watch Tyranny Update on:


▶️ Click to watch on LBRY


▶️ Also available on 3Speak

You don't need an account to watch videos on LBRY, but there are numerous benefits to signing up, which is extremely quick and easy to do. Here's my referral link - I get about 50 cents worth of their token, and you get some too, for signing up! Excellent censorship-resistant block-chain based totally decentralized platform. A powerful replacement for YouTube.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to find out if you're living under tyranny!

Have you, or someone you love, been troubled by any of the following conditions?

  • Corruption and fraud within government?
  • Conspiracy, also known as secret plots?
  • Censorship?
  • Dumbing down of the populace through such means as chemicals harmful to the brain in the food, water, or vaccinations?
  • A poorly funded education system that doesn't properly teach science and critical thinking?
  • Distractions such as popular culture, consumerism, organized religion, or professional sport?
  • Social engineering, which is the influencing of a society's attitudes and behaviours on a large scale and over many years?
  • Propaganda?
  • Travel restrictions?
  • Mass mind control?
  • Gradual debasement of currency until it has no intrinsic value?
  • False flag events used to generate support for unpopular things like wars of aggression?
  • Systematic removal of rights, such as the right to own weapons or the right to privacy?
  • Prohibition of specific substances, be they natural or man-made?
  • Corrupt media?

If so, you may be suffering under tyranny!

Please stay tuned to this channel for more information, possible solutions, and opportunities to get involved.




One of the best videos you ever made, maybe it was the heat exhaustion from the sauna, but it was trippy listening to you record it! Ah what I wouldn't give for a sauna or even just a real fire of any kind right now and to sleep under the stars again :)

I don't have to watch the Video to know. I'm here in the shitter right with you. Ontario is a shithole of debt and everyone elects one Tyrant after another.

That sucks. But in slightly better news, my upvote sent you from 25 rep to 29! Everything's solved, the number after your name went up. Rejoice n stuff. :p


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It's scary to admit, but yes, for several year now.
I hope more people start to realize this, so we can move on to "what to do next"... feeling helpless sometimes lately, with things progressing so fast around us. Should we not do something, at some point, before it's actually too late? Maybe it's already too late?

It's kinda scary, like, when are people going to be ready to do something?
Feels like the boiling frog scenario. We don't save ourselves because we don't notice things are getting bad enough. We always think we have time to escape later. Eventually it's too late and we're cooked.

simple question... is my consent being violated daily? lol... y/n