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MARKET the latest that we hear often in the world this is a market that organize themselves alone and terdesentralisasi and planned to the last workers and client to deal with and transparent through the contract smart.

LibertyLance also has the same definition with the conditions above.LibertyLance is a freelancing platform revolutionary that use the power of blockchain technology to solve a lot of problems fundamental available on the market traditional. By using the contract of the smart, platform this eliminates the possibility of the availability of the authority of the center, payment non-payments, and reviews are not eligible on the platform.And the most interesting is the case this will be always updated continuously ,in accordance with the development of the era.

Decentralization,Ethereum is one type of blockchain that is characteristically fundamental.up with the availability of this attribute ,the free lacer and the client does not suffer postponement or rift account that is not fair,because the whole infrastructure is already planned to be automatic and can grow later.

LibertyLance will open up the whole operation to the community with the use of blockchain Ethereum to provide market terdesentralisasi until the freelancer and the client does not experience delays or rift account which is not fair because the entire infrastructure is planned to be automatic and not to be trusted to the widest possible.

Contract smart,a contract is a media escrow with the condition that has been set before .The purpose is to facilitate the smooth transaction between the client with the freelancer.until the service intermediary is gradually winding will disappear by itself.that contract smart.

The settlement of the dispute,The resolution of the conflict on the LibertyLance done using the contract smart the ensure no party got payment problems or reviews that are not eligible. If one of the parties is not satisfied, the independent panel holder of the token will give the verdict about the problem when given a reward for participation they.

Let’s compare with market traditional markets


this is desirable because other platforms which reduce to 30% from the freelancer struggling to meet some of the costs associated.All the while, in LibertyLance, a client and a freelancer pay only respectively 2%!very far away once the difference is there,so that later LibertyLance will be very likable.


Traditional platforms have a centralized authority that puts power in the hands of a handful of people with little clarity about how decisions are made.This leads to a delay in the control room.really bad it sounds.


The most vital again is about the time of payment.The payment of withdrawals in some of the traditional market can take up to 2 weeks.In LibertyLance immediately after the client is satisfied with the work,the funds will be directly transferred through contract smart to freelancers.


Freelancers have to burn extra fuel to meet the deadline or if not,they will get reviews that are not worth after all the hard work they do and ultimately have an adverse impact on earnings and their ratings.

The Token Holder Jury
In the scenario where any dispute arises, the decision-making system of voting have been prepared to meet this.
This is a process of dispute resolution is automatically used to resolve the dispute between the client and the freelancer with an approach that is transparent and decentralized.

To participate in this dispute, the people with token LTN, we will be able to vote in disputed cases because there will be no involvement of a third party.
The consensus achieved by the holder of the token will allow the contract intelligent to automatically issue a
funds to the prevailing party and the holder of the token will be given the cost of the transaction and the token of the wrong people in the process of dispute settlement.

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