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RE: Thoughts on Currencies and Valuations

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STEEM has a ton of issues to overcome before it will be taking off in price. Not speculating, but unless they begin to control inflation or increase user base price will be stagnating for while.


I don’t mind the price staying low for a while longer.... gives me a better chance to accumulate at lower levels ..... As soon as I have 100,000 it can skyrocket.

Seems to be working ok for me. I went from investing zero dollars to earning $40,000 in a few months posting my artwork and photography.

Ok... thanks for your input. I have seen a lot of artists do very well on Steemit. Better than me. At least they are getting paid for their original creative work here. That is a big step forward for artists like me that have worked years and years and years for nothing at all.

Many people make nothing on Steemit since they have not read the White Paper. All the Secret Knowledge to make a living on Steemit can be found there,


I can not even sign up to .... ???? Is it in Test Mode or something ?

It's very sad @kendrahill that you have such a low opinion about entire population of people here on Steemit.

I've been here less than half year and I met number of valuable bloggers and influencers. People creating great content and supporting others.

I believe you just didn't have luck with getting to know right people.



STEEM is a great place for Artists and people who CREATE original Content .... My kids made over $1,000 so far.


It looks like you have been here on Steemit since July 2018. .... 30 days so far ?

I create paintings, photography and digital art .... I post 5-10 times a day. I wait for 30minutes before I Upvote my own post so that anyone who voted before me share 99 % of the reward.. Curation Rewards.... it is through Giving that you Receive.

Speech lover

this is a live project, many smart people are involved in it and it will only grow despite the market.

STEEM truly does have a lot of smart people with fairly brilliant ideas for enhancing and increasing the platform. @icopulse has it right that its a live project. It isn't just some idea someone made for the laughs or just to into the cryptocurrency wave but people have real ideas that can be used with STEEM. Dlive can be a Twitch contender, Dtube instead of youtube, Dsound and Steem Monsters for music and a game integrated to accept cryptocurrency. You only need to have an idea and pitch it so its great that people share STEEM with everyone.


I think the biggest barrier for entry is the actual process of getting people involved in the Steem Ecosystem. I mean I can see it being complicated for some who aren't very technical but want to know how it works. They have over complicated the system and shot themselves in the foot in a way. For example drawing the distinction between steem ,steem power and sbd and knowing which is more important may take some getting used to for the lay person. Steem cannot remain niche forever or else it will fail. Simple things like making sure users understand how to use the system and signing up for accounts should be taken care before they can charge. But I do agree that I don't see the system surviving without actual valued currency coming in.


I have seen couple of guys whi invested as very little amount today they are mega rich,all thanks to cryptocurency . My openion on market on all the signal are not reliable, i dont realy know how to invest on steem.

yeah off course it will make a big impact on it totally agree with you @crypto2crypto.

One of those issues being this shitpost

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