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RE: Thoughts on Currencies and Valuations

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It is so difficult to predict the exact trend of the crypto market due to its being so volatile. In just a few pump or dump, the market moves significantly and this makes crypto an exciting asset to invest and trade. If you know how the market behaves and know how to play this game then you will earn huge due to its volatility. Steem on the other hand was so promising and I am so excited what steem will bring us in the future :)


i agree totally. with that in mind, if we have "stable" crypto markets, then the ingenuity of blockchain can be seen by larger amounts of people. in that sense, i'd rather take a thriving blockchain adoption over crypto, but that is just my honest opinion. cheers,-willy

Cryptocurrency is deflationary it can never be stable... If any one cryptocurrency becomes the de facto method of currency it will still take over 20 years for it to stabilize. And even then maybe never.

The currency is supposed to be international. Though the USD is stable inside the US, its value relative to the EURO is constantly fluctuating. Further the amount of goods you can buy with a set amount of USD fluctuates more than people think. And in crypto this would cause the value of the cryptocurrency to fluctuate as well. I mean more than 30% of the world don't have access to bank accounts, monetary value fluctuates all the time between countries.

If we want cryptocurrency to be used we cannot wait for it to stop fluctuating.. These damn wallets need to be set up so I can send a set amount of fiat to people and it just automatically, using market rates, gives them the appropriate amount of crypto.

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Alright I will follow you... but your gonna have to start posting some interesting stuff on cryptocurrencies.

What I saw so far was just you listing some well known coins, calling them your top 5 and then posting a two generic sentences about them, information I already knew.

Give me your insights and your reasons.

i agree , the only way for stability is for usage to increase.

i little bit think that steem price can go upto 500-600 dollar in 2021

I upvote you,you can do the same with my posts,thank you!

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