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RE: Thoughts on Currencies and Valuations

in #lif3 years ago

Power resides where one believes it resides, same goes with money. As long as people believe it has value, it has power. So yeah, just transfer me your useless money to my bank account so I could show you how stupid money actually is, don't worry, not a scam.


I liked the way you are looking at steemit, meanwhile I do believe the matter of "Trust" should be considered. It will convince people about any assets like steemit etc.

Steemit is not an asset, Steem is.

hi^^nice too meet you!

Jajaja. Muy interesante y ocurrente tu comentario. Pero es cierto, estoy de acuerdo contigo en cuanto a la energía que tiene el dinero. La gente le da un poder casi sobrenatural, tanto así que transforma a las personas si no saben canalizar esa energía.

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