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  1. If you walk alone in the night, understand
    There is someone behind it, so only
    Do not turn your neck. Turn the whole body
    Will see Neck
    The possibility of rotating
    Have there.

  2. Seeing the snake on the bed
    Do not kill before, your loss
    may be. Let's go before.
    Because genes contain silhouette.
    You have to fight
    You can die, because one is the one
    The mausoleum of this snake shaped the disciples
    To fight with the gene
    Died while leaving And if it's gone
    Do not go, but understand that it really is that
    Snakes, then kill or drive
    Will give

  3. If at night no one in the tree
    The pulse or the bamboo is tossed
    Do not go over it.
    Read the verse Quran. so
    See, it has been fixed again, then
    Will go

  4. If only someone in the night
    Take out your name from the outside
    Do not respond to calls. 3 times
    After the call, you will respond.

  5. If there is something on the tree to see
    So you can look at him
    Do not stay Silently toward the ground
    Look out and leave.

  6. If you come to your room at night alone
    See, you are sitting in the room.
    Meaning to see yourself
    So, do not be afraid. That's it
    Gin with you (Karin
    Genes). Just close the eyes, the verse
    Read the Quran and then open the eyes

  7. Never sleep in the night at night
    No And if you dream of fear,
    Then slowly rise on the left side of the chest
    Gently spit three times. -
    Bukhari Sharif

  8. If you get to the pond, then understand
    Can anyone take your foot
    It's going to be dragged first but first
    Will scream. With you
    Doa Yunus will start reading. Because
    There is a gin in the pond or river.

  9. If alone at night
    Can you see the dog
    Who is coming to attack and who is the dog
    If it seems unusual, then why?
    A circle in the ground, respectively
    Draw it and inside the circle
    Stand out to read the Ayat ul Quran.

  10. If you see you at night
    Going on the way or the same way
    Repeatedly or many
    After reaching the destination, reaching the destination
    You can not, but will give Azan.
    So everything will be okay. Guaran
    The junk called this to you


  1. Understand if sleeping at night
    You can have someone in your chest
    Have there. But do not shout.
    No screaming will happen,
    Because you scream out of the mouth
    Will not be Do any of your life
    Read the sura.

  2. If you see the soul of dead human beings
    If you can not fear then. That's it
    Not the soul. Gene is the figure of those dead people
    Has captured. Just walk through the salam
    Will go

  3. The street alone in the deep night
    The time when the black dog or see
    Black cat your left hand
    Trying to cross you
    But let's cross it. No
    There is no problem. It's in the society
    Prejudice But do not kill him.

  4. Many say cemeteries are one
    Holy place That's right, though
    In the graveyard there is a gene called Ghul.
    So the sacred place is still in the place of Sartak
    Walk along

  5. To enter genes in the mirror
    May So there is no mirror in the night
    Good to see And always in the mirror
    Keep the footpath. Bathroom mirrors
    Not good because it's in the bathroom
    There are genes called Khanna, though
    Weak gene. And going in front of the mirror

  6. Living living on the roof of the house
    So, on the night of Gavi night on the roof alone
    Do not go Go with someone
    Will take you

  7. If you are alone alone
    Misti or cottage drinks also eat anything
    And see if any cat
    But you're distorting
    Give him a drink too. Never
    Do not drive out or kill.
    Because sometimes the genes hold shape
    Come on, and Misty is the other thing
    Their favorite food

  8. Do not get too angry.
    It's so angry at us
    Stuck in with the face that increases
    Got stuck. Because of this anger, the jin
    You can enter your body.
    So if you are angry, sit down or sit down
    Will stand there so
    The genes can not enter.

  9. During Maghrib, 2/3 pm and so on
    The effects of genes during ambulance
    Have more. So this time caution
    Be there Young children safely
    Keep it and Maghrib time
    Bismilla says the doors of the door are closed
    Will give it

  10. Everyday if dreams of fear
    Look at and see that on every occasion
    You're going down from below
    You got black magic

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