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Teardrops of minnows,
Flowing like a river.
Happy they came in,
with high expectations.


Days turned into weeks,
Weeks turned into months.
Yet no support or recognition.

Day and night we struggle,
and put out quality content,
to no avail.

When will this struggle end?.
When will the tears stop?.
When will the pain seize?.

Give in and give up?.
I think NOT.
For i know that one day,
with consistent hardwork,
resilience and faith.

One day the sun would shine, and hope would rise once again.

Don't give up fellow minnows,
for our great future is nigh.
Our persistence would pay off soon.
our light would shine ever so brightly

Our tears would be wiped away,
Our sadness would be turned into laughter.

Keep hope alive and don't give up, fellow minnows for our future is bright.

Steem on!.
Thanks for reading.

With Love from,


Awesome, motivational, and it comes at the right time

Thank You so much, I'm glad it did.

This is worth sharing especially if read by our fellow minnows ;)

Thank You so much.
I hope it truly brings hope to minnows.

This is a great read and excellently written too. You have captured the struggles of minnows and also sent out strong word of encouragements. Thanks for sharing this.

Aww😄. Thank You.
I just poured out my heart into that post.
Hardworking Minnows really need the boost.
I can't wait to get thousand of SP, so I can reward younger minnows.
Thanks for coming around @gandhibaba.
I can see you're also an activist.
Glad we share things in common.
I just gave you a follow.

It is my pleasure. I look forward to reading more of your works.

Great poetry and awesome motivation thank you.

Thank You so much.
Thanks for stopping by.

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Thanks for the courage .we surely wont give up

You are welcome.