A Glimpse ~ Birthday Boy's Three Faces

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Let's start by saying that today is my Birthday 🎂🍻 so...



You have read it right, today is my birthday

🤔 I hope many can appreciate this post hahahaha 😂

Appreciation is one of the thing that I am seeking in the steemit blockchain community ~@aguadz

So going back with the topic, today is January 21, 2020 and it is my 24th birthday. Today I will be allowing you to have a glimpse with my three faces

What do you mean showing your faces? You wear mask?

So without further ado and to avoid confusions we I will be explaining the meaning of what I am saying


According to Japanese, we all wear three faces.

The face that we show/wear to the world, to our relatives/families and the face that we didn't show to anyone but ourselves only.


First Face

We all go to work, to school or simply just going outside the house to buy snacks and house supplies in the department store. Upon stepping outside of our house and encountered people that we didn't know personally, they have already seen our first face. This is the face that we tend to wear in public, the face that we wear upon passing by strangers in the street, in the racks of the detergent soap that we are buying in the department store, in the bus as we commute, outside the house as we encounter people that we didn't know.


Second Face

We all have friends, families and relatives, they are seeing the second face that we wear.

This is somehow that face that we have been wearing pretty often as we were with our friends. Our daily routines hanging out with our friends as we our at school, at work, and inside the house.

Close friends and relatives surely knows what kind of face we have been wearing in front of them.


Third Face

The third face was the face that we tend to show into ourselves only, the face that I believe is the face that we only knew (According to some articles, even ourselves do not know what face we wear)

@aguadz Three Faces


First Face

The face that I tend to wear in the outside world, the face that I tend to wear when no one that I know personally is around.
The first impression of my friends to me (according to them) was a serious, snob and not talkative person.
They thought that it will be hard for them to have a chat with me as I tend to just sit in the corner, listen to music and do not mind them at all. They even say that they thought I have my own world inside my head as tend to be alone.


Second Face

The face that I usually wear whenever I am in front of my close friends and relatives was still quite difficult to describe. According to them I usually am a simple minded person in front of them, a childish, a talkative person who is very transparent to them but sometimes snaps on being a hot headed one.

"You're a bipolar one"

I don't know on what I must react when one of my friend says that I am a bipolar. She say that one minute I am that normal person, being talkative, telling stories about my life and many more but then a minute later I will be get pissed on something that even I don't know.

Well let's give it to my friend being over-reacting. It's not a matter of minute only when I snaps and became hot headed, also it is not true that I get pissed without any reason


Third Face

Well I do not know on who to ask on what face I have been wearing so I just assume on this one

I think the third face that I am wearing is a loner and outsider. Pretty similar with the first face that I am wearing, I tend to just stay in my room, I tend to be alone, I tend to have a peaceful surrounding and quite place. I am an outsider as I choose not to socialize with others.
This face can be seen more often after I have graduated with my studies, I always see myself inside my room, alone and not having communication with the outside world. Distancing myself outside my world became a habit of mine, more and more signs of being an introvert is showing as I grew older.

I also got curious with a comment that I have seen upon my research

"We might be having a fourth face
The face that we think and believe we are"

I somehow realized that maybe it is true that we really do not know the third face we are wearing but instead the third face that I have mentioned above is my fourth face

There you have it, a glimpse on who I am, a glimpse with @aguadz as I celebrate my birthday today. As your gift to me would you...

Care to share the three face that you wear?


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@aguadz, known as Zai in the real world was a Fish Lover, a Cat Lover, a Self proclaimed Writer, Poet and Programmer.
An Introvert who uses Steem/Steemit to make a trademark of himself in the blockchain allowing him to stay alive forever.



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