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What moves are you making to Grow your Steemit Account?

This is the main topic of my today's post, how do I make my move in growing my steemit account?

Do I make my post a 100% Steem Power rewards?
Do I convert all of my Steem to Steem Power?
Do I put money with my Steemit account?

So here is my strategy on growing my account:

  • Some of my posts were set to a 100% Power Up reward and some were 50% Steem and 50% Steem Power (Under experiment)
  • I am planning to convert all of my Steem rewards to Steem Power until I get atleast 25 Steem Power
  • I try to have atleast a 10000 activity record using the @actifit account and make posts daily.
  • I use @esteemapp as my main Steemit platform app to make posts, upvotes and make comments in the Steem blockchain


What do I mean by some of my post was being used as 100% power up and 50/50% payout?

Two types of posts can be seen in my profile. First will be the @actifit Posts that I try to make daily, these were the posts that I set to be a 100% power up. Second is the posts that I really made, the posts that I put time and effort to make, the posts that I set to be a 50% Steem Power and 50% Steem rewards.

I believe that earning Steem by means of my @actifit posts will not make me happy, I believe that if I want to earn some Steem I must get it with the posts that I really do put efforts and time to make with. Not just by having some steps that I usually and daily do, but still it is a great opportunity to make my account grow.

Please do not that this was still under my experiment


As of now I got 20 SP on my Steemit account, and I am planning to keep powering up using my Steem rewawrds until I got 25 Steem Power. Having quite a good number of Steem power will give me three benefits:
First, having a lot of SP will get rid of the newbies common problem Bandwwidth exhaustion

Being unable to make posts, comments and upvotes due to having a really low bandwidth sucks

Second, having a lot of SP will make your own posts have earnings, also this will help us upvotes comments and posts of others that will lead to the third benefit

Third, having lot of SP will give us a lot of followers that will lead to our posts being exposed more in the Steemit blockchain.

Let's all be frank, Steemit users like me tend to follow those who have a lot of SP hoping that we will be noticed by them.


This strategy is used to mainly grow my account as all of the rewards were used for power up.

Since the @actifit is the mainly supporter of this post and I am not getting a lot of reward from this post I am still studying if having this post a 100% power up is better that having a 50/50 reward.


@esteemapp is my mainly method of making post in the Steemit blockchain

Why is that?

Because @esteemapp have a mobile app that is easy to use and accessible with me as most of my time was being consumed in commuting to work and vice versa

Another reason for using the @esteemapp is the ESTM tokens that were being earned and get by using the app.

These tokens can be used to boost and promote posts that were really a big help. I am taking advantage of this tokens as I try to save atleast 1000 ESTM and when I make a posts that I think have a good content and being undervalued I will have it boosted and promote.

As of now 500 ESTM tokens can be converted to almost a dollar worth of upvote


With this and a 7 day promotion worth also 500 ESTM tokens will help me have my post being seen by a lot of people and hopefully a lot of upvotes too.

These were the strategies that I plan to having my Steem account grow

How about yours? Drop in the comments below

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@aguadz, known as Zai in the real world was a Fish Lover, a Cat Lover, a Self proclaimed Writer, Poet and Programmer.
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Introvert here too :) Just keep going, engage in conversations if you still RCs available. Years from now, you might have thousands of Steem as well. Best of luck.

Yep, as I think now, I think consistency is also an ingredient to grow our account

Very true! A lot of us Filipinos who were once early adopters of Steem are now gone. Patience is the key here and a lot of work for that matter. :)

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