Stomach Acid Recovers Quickly With This Great Fruit

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good afternoon steemit friends have long I do not open the steemit program may you all healthy in this holy month of ramadhan ... this time I want to share a little knowledge that is..

While the empty stomach continues to be filled with a spicy and sour eating menu then the acid levels can skyrocket.

Stomach acid is a health complaint that can interfere with our fasting. For that, we need to know a great fruit that can to overcome stomach acid.

1. lemon
In addition to neutralize stomach acid, melon fruit is also useful to help prevent the occurrence of damage to mucous membrane until the gastric acid complaints are not easy to repeat.

2. Apple fruit


This one fruit is not only able to neutralize stomach acid but can cope with stomach upset due to increased stomach acid.

3. Pear

The content of fiber and pectin is believed to prevent and overcome stomach acid that skyrocketed.

4. Banana

Potassium content in fruit pisnag useful to help neutralize stomach asthma and repair damaged stomach wall.

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