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Guys listen:today i am going to talk about a thing most of the people doing it,specially on the internet.


It is
1:sharing a sexual post(unfortunately) and i it is not much.
2:Sharing some naked photos or videos,And they are much.
3:Sharing an unsuitable photos or videos(less than number 2)And they are more than much.

Guys listen to the advise:
Dont't be one of them ok,,You are better than this,You can control yourself.
And to be know:many people gets sad because of these posts like me.(If you insisted to be bad,then don't make the others bad like you)

And don't tell me it is a freedom!! What freedom And you and your soul had become a slave for these things.
Even posts like number 3:Don't .why because around you many people from Muslims an non Muslims who wants to make their heart and their body for only one man/woman,And i'm talking about marriage,So they don't like to see any of these things.

Be a good man\Woman,You will live once,Make it good.

Also this post is useful for you:

By:Ahmad Elzahed


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Hello Ahmad,
Excellent post, thank you so much for sharing this important viewpoint! I really like your illustration - very artistic.


thanks icedrum,I just want to help all people,And you too sharing a good posts

Wow ... thank you Ahmad :D

Thanks for this