Good afternoon on the beach of Semadu Island

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Visiting Semadu Island Beach Tourist Attractions in North Aceh District with our friends when we accompany a couple who want to take pictures on the beach of Semadu Island, they can see and feel the pleasure of the breeze and with a beautiful view it feels very delicious if we can visit Semadu Island beach attractions in North Aceh.


The excitement looks absolutely overwhelming when taking pictures or selfies with the Nikon D3200 camera as the image attached above is the result of the Nikon D3200 digital camera



View of Semadu Island beach in North Aceh Regency



These are the choices we can show, good luck and happiness, always with changes in prices from day to day increasing, hopefully the price of steem this time will reach its peak, thank you for your visit to this blog, hope it will always be healthy and always in the best activity

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