"I don't have many problems in life, but people make their problems my problem"

in #life5 years ago

Honestly, I think this way a lot.

It grinds my fucking gears man.

Friends and family who decided it's okay to meet my ex-girlfriend behind my back, an ex-girlfriend who is still not over me. Thus, they've indirectly encouraged her to think that it's okay to randomly show up at my house just to see me.

That's just one example.

It gets to me that people think that they can get away with everything.

It gets to me that people think that their actions will have zero consequences.

But that's not true. Every action has a consequence.

Alas, thinking this way, that you're problem-free and that your problems only come from others is a fallacy.

It's just going to make you more frustrated.

Things happen. People can be really stupid at times and that includes your friends and family. 

It's just how it is.

So chill.

Learn to tolerate. You don't have to accept it, but tolerate.

You're stronger than that.

Everybody has problems anyway.





I'm enjoying watching your growth here on Steemit, your thoughts, your style, how you engage with people. It's nice to see.

Can it be that problems will only come your way if you make it your problem? You could have chosen to not answer your door, or, slam it in her face and told her to get lost - alas, family is hard. I'm lucky to have such a relaxed family, perhaps too relaxed lol

Thank you man.

Yeah true. Just tough and annoying I guess.

@aldentan People can be really stupid at times! I have been wanting to write a post about stupid people for a while now but thought it would be offensive, I have just changed my mind. Keep on Steeming!

Fuck that! Steemit is where you express yourself! Go for it. Just don't slander.