We're all full of shit

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Yes. We all are.

You. Me. Your mom. Your friends. Your family. Whatever.

We've all been guilty of being full of shit.

We say that we want the best for our friends and family, but when bad shit happens to them, deep down, very, very deep down, we feel a little relieved that for that single moment, the problem does not lie on us; the problem did not choose us.

We say we hate it when unfair shit happens to us, but deep down, we're happy the attention is on us.

We say money doesn't matter. It does.

We say that gossiping is bad, but we can't help but do it anyway because we get to focus on others' fuck-ups for once.

We judge, criticize and put others down for their lifestyles, but we will never admit that we were the same before, at least for a little bit.

We let our egos take over, always wanting to be right and getting the last word in, while covering up our mistakes.

We think our entire lives are taken care of because we have religion, but deep down, we know we don't really have all the answers.

We say we are angry that the world has bad people doing bad shit to innocent people, yet we always can't wait to read about them in the news.

We say that when it comes to relationships, looks don't matter, yet when we are in a relationship, we can't take our eyes off others.

We say we wish to be become better people; to solve our problems and issues. But we feel comfortable in the dark place somehow.

We're all full of shit. Admit it.

So maybe, lay off others eh?

Nobody's perfect.




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Holy s--t!

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